Mild Rocker From Family Scraps

famscrapsIt’s possible you may know Matthew Johnson, the man behind the moniker of Family Scraps, from his work with The Hookworms and Suburban Home Studio. If you aren’t familiar with the gentleman’s work, take a listen to “Mistakes” below, which will acquaint you with his grunge meets alt-rock sound. The song seems a bit gritty and garage at first, but as it progresses the vocals lighten things up with their lush harmonies. Keep your ears ready and waiting for more from Family Scraps–looks like this 7″ is a precursor to a full length album.

“Mistakes” is taken off of theToo Pure 7,” which you order here.

ATX Spotlights: New UVH and Jess Williamson

jessIt’s a busy week here in Austin, with various releases and some festival in town. So, don’t get lost in the weeds, as we’ve got a few updates for you!

First, UVH ran a song with over at SOTO for their upcoming release with GTZ Records. This track’s got singer Larry growling atop these huge indie rock riffs. We’re really stoked on everything he’s done.

Then, perennial fanboys are we, especially when it comes to Jess Williamson. So, of course we’re going to give her new song coverage. Her new album Heart Song comes out on November 4th, ready to move us all again.

ATX Spotlight: Twin Bitches Do It Right

11174497_942951285737062_3480207812902951185_oBeen helping a friend put together a show this week over at Mohawk on Thursday night, and in doing so, I encountered a new band, Twin Bitches that’s really exciting.  Based on their two singles, the band has sort of that post-punk Constantines feeling to them, using jagged guitar chops to push forth the lyrics, which come across somewhere between a throaty growl and a gentle croon.  Musically, you can see similarities to other indie acts, but combined, it sounds like something wholly different. They’ll be playing with two of our favorite local acts, SLOW and Jonly Bonly…so come out, grab a drink, jam out and enjoy some of the finer rock n’ roll tunes in town. Doors are at 9, but you can always come hang out early.

Army Navy Bring More Great Indiepop

armySome people want their music to have an edge of danger or attitude, but me, I like tracks that sound, well, pretty.  Army Navy are one of those acts who’ve been tossing out these sort of gems since their inception, and their latest single is right up my alley. The California act is set to release their third LP in just a few weeks, and if this doesn’t get you indiepop fans excited, then I’m not quite sure what’s going to do the trick.  There’s crisp guitars, great melodies and overall emotional appeal that generally just makes you feel good about yourself.  Get the feels.

Sonic Avenues – Mistakes


Rating: ★★★½ ·

In 2012 I was stuck with Television Youth on constant repeat; every where I went I was humming along to the melodies and playing air drums.  Suffice it to say, the arrival of Mistakes. the band’s latest effort for Dirtnap Records,  comes with a lot of anticipation on my end.  Sonic Avenues deliver, as I expected, offering up 11 songs of power-pop that are executed perfectly.

“Waiting for Change” begins with a screech of feedback, followed by some understated strumming, but then it jumps into delivery of ringing guitars and hook-laden melodies.  If you were looking for a great answer to the sorely missed Exploding Hearts, then songs like this are precisely why I consider Sonic Avenues to be one of the best acts to have picked up that torch. But, while they do nod their, they’re also making things a bit noisier, exemplified in the track “Automatic.”  It’s a faster paced banger, and the vocals, while still maximizing pop sensibility, are sung in a more hap-hazard fashion.   The next few tracks live in the same realm, with a darker guitar found on “New Vogues,” but I also wanted to see where the band mixed things up a bit.

On Mistakes, “Better Days to Come” brings some respite from the energy-fueled pop that’s been coming through your speakers.  Personally, I’ve found that the guitars, building through two different sounds creates a nice effect, allowing for the group to bring you a nice little power-ballad, though not in the cheesy since.  It allows your toes to take a rest before you tap them off.  You’ll find a similar book-end to the record when you arrive at “Lost & Found.”  It’s not quite the same ballad, but the relaxed approach is very much a part of these two tracks.

For my money, I’d find yourself stuck in tracks 6-8.  My two favorite songs, “In Your Head” and “Too Late” are located here.  The first is really just an excellent jam; I love how the song breaks down just after the two-minute mark, then builds itself back into infectious churning guitar noise.  “Too Late” on the other hand pushes you into rock mode right from the get-go.  The drums are pounding furiously, and you’ll find yourself swept up in the song instantly.  Check out the rad guitar moves knifing through at the 1 minute mark.

If you want a record that makes you feel good about loving rock n’ roll, then you really need to head out and pick up a copy of Mistakes this week.  Sure, there’s a lot of bands out there doing similar things musically, but for me, the Sonic Avenues are one of the best.  From the way the songs are mixed to the unending energy contained in each track, you just can’t get much better than this.



Another Jam from Sonic Avenues

sonicavenuesI’ve got to admit that the more I hear from Sonic Avenues new release, the more I know I’m going to get stuck rocking to this release for quite some time, just like their last LP.  If it’s not the guitars, then it’s the way they recorded the vocals, giving them a sensation of being done live.  There’s even a small little breakdown that builds into this burst of pure power-pop.  Mistakes is the title of the new record, and it’ll be out on April 15th via Dirtnap Records.  I’m going to nerd out so hard when I hear this LP.

New Music from Sonic Avenues

sonicEver since playing my way through two copies of Television Youth I’ve been waiting for the next record from Sonic Avenues.  They offer up this infectious power-pop that carefully walks the line between punk and pop, though not in that cheesy teenage manner.  It’s fitting that the band is releasing their next album, Mistakes, on Dirtnap Records again; it’s the home of other like-minded acts such as The Marked Men or Low Culture. You can grab what is sure to be an excellent record on April 15th when it hits the stores.