Fresh Tunes from VEXX

vexxJust because Seattle gets all the love, doesn’t mean you should ignore Olympia. Its got the history, and more importantly, its got VEXX. The four-piece rock n’ rollers are prepping another mini-LP, Wild Hunt, which is going to be released in early November via M’lady’s Records and Upset the Rhythm. If this tune were shorter, I don’t know if I’d love it as much, as there seem to be two ideas smashed into one another, creating this cacophonous rabble that’s as enchanting as it is energetic. Sometimes it seems to me like the world can use more bands like this…just bringing home great no-frills rock.

New (old) Punk Rocker from Tyvek

It’s Friday, so I feel like we all needed a nice swift kick in the ass, you know, to get us going into the weekend.  With that in mind, I’d like us all to have a listen to this little rocker from Tyvek, who just put out Fast Metabolism via M’Ladys Records. It’s a compilation gathering all the old singles from the group’s early days, thrusting some furious rockers back in our ears.  It’s always good to listen to the history of bands we love, so it’s good to get to finally have a hold on these gems from some of my favorite rockers.  Give this a go; it’ll save your Friday.


New Track from The Golden Awesome

New Zealand’s The Golden Awesome aren’t necessarily what you’d associate with the typical Oceanic fare, but that’s a good thing. They’ll be releasing their album, Autumn, via M’Ladys Records on November 15th, and it’s shaping up to be a darkly tinged bit of poppy noise rock.  If you stream the single below, you’ll be met with walls of guitar noise drenched in warm female vocals.  Clearly there’s an element of pop one can’t escape in NZ, but there’s more than enough darkness lurking in the songwriting of this group.  Stream the jam below for a taste of great things to come.