Show Review: Khruangbin + The Mattson 2 @ The Mohawk (3.30.18)

Aside from the inevitable grooves, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Khruangbin show at Mohawk on Friday night, afterwards it became very clear. It was my first time to see the trio live and here’s my three main takeaways: 1.) Nobody is still quite sure how to pronounce the name…and just forget spelling it correctly, 2.) That 70’s inspired psych jams from Southeast Asia and the Middle East can induce a dance party in ATX for the ages, 3.) That something with roots so strikingly foreign to Texas (and even today’s stateside music scene in general) can come across as spellbindingly authentic. All that and more after the jump. Read more

Show Preview: Cruiserweight @ Mohawk (12/13)


Date 12/13/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets $12 @ Que App

Defunct Austin band Cruiserweight broke up back in 2010 so it’s odd to see their name headlining a show at Mohawk on Friday night.  After a bit of research, I don’t see much information about the show so I assume it’s just a one and done type of thing.  The lineup is of course loaded with other local talent and Cruiserweight spin offs including Residual Kid, The Baker Family, Other Lovers, and Adam and the Bullshark.  I was somewhat of a closet fan of Cruiserweight back in the day and I think I’ll fork over the measly door price to reminisce.  For so many bands on the bill, including an old Austin vet, I recommend you do the same.


Download: Cruiserweight – Balboa [Mp3]

Show Preview: Broncho @ Mohawk (6/27)

Date Wednesday, June 27th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $7 at the Door

This is essentially a great local show with a great out of state opening act.  The opening acts Grape Street and No Future (formerly Leatherbag) are two acts we’ve raved about on these pages, and they both put on exceptional shows live.  Even if it was just these two bands, it’s worth your $7! But, you also get to see Broncho, one of the stronger acts to come out of Oklahoma.  They’ve got ties to Other Lives, Starlight Mints, Colourmusic, Unwed Sailor…so they come with good pedigree, and great songs.  Seriously, it’s inside, with cold beer and nice AC, so do yourself a favor and catch some great no-frills rock n’ roll.


Download:Grape Street – A Date With You [MP3]


Show Preview: Stephen Malkmus @ the Mohawk (2/22)

Date Wednesday, Feb 22nd
Location Mohawk
Doors 630 pm
Tickets $17 from Frontgate

It’s not like Stephen Malkmus really needs much of an introduction, or really needs to hand out incentives to come see his show at Mohawk on Wednesday.  He’s the main man from Pavement, who has carefully crafted a nice solo career since then.  You should go, period. But, you can also catch two great opening acts on the evening, Nurses and TV Torso. TV Torso are our local boys, banging out solidified indie rock tunes that stick in your head and echo in your ears. Nurses put out Draclua last year, a stunner of an album that really had the band turning heads…so get there to witness then in their glory. Two great opening acts and an indie legend. Need we say more?


Download:Nurses – Trying to Reach You [MP3]

Contest: PS I Love You Tickets & 7″ Giveaway

Man, have we got a deal for you! PS I Love You is playing a gig next Tuesday night (3/1) at the Mohawk (indoors), and we’re fortunate enough to have a pair of tickets to give you absolutely free.  But, not only are we offering you tickets to this excellent show, but we’re also going to be giving away the brand new “Leftovers” single 7″, which is a split with Diamond Rings.  Both bands have gotten loads of praise already, and it seems like their stars are only going to be rising higher and higher in 2011.  All you need to do is leave a comment telling us which band you’re most excited to see at SXSW, and we’ll pick our favorite end of day Saturday (2/26). Oh, and speaking of SXSW, PS I Love You will be back for the festival as well, so stay tuned for more news on the band’s travel itinerary, but for now plan on meeting us at the Mohawk next week.  Below is a sneak peak at a track from the new 7″.


Download: PS I Love You – Leftovers [MP3]