Watch a New Molly Burch Video

We’ve always got to rep Austin, particularly for our artists that have had huge successes. So, today we’re revisiting Please Be Mine, the excellent debut from Molly Burch that dropped earlier this year. Today she just released a video for “Wrong for You,” one of the standout tunes on said album, with the focus of the video revolving around the relationship of a couple (starring Molly). If you haven’t listened to this record, well shame on you. But, if you have, this is the perfect place to revisit the whole thing. It’s available now from Captured Tracks.

Weekend Show Preview

We’re nigh approaching SXSW season, so naturally you should be taking advantage of the fact that your city has great music to see year round and head out to a show this weekend before it’s so crowded that you can’t stand it. Below are merely the highlights and my picks as to where you should post up Friday and Saturday nights. Wherever you go, you really can’t go wrong; the weather should be lovely, so go outside during the day and round out your night somewhere downtown…

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ATX Spotlight: More New Julia Lucille

While Julia Lucille has more than made a name for herself since her move to Austin, she’s clearly going for big things with her next release, Chthonic. This new single starts memorably enough, with this ghostly charm haunting your ears…the music sits back behind Julia. But, there’s a brilliant songwriting touch at the 2 minute mark, with quieted guitar ringing carefully, almost crafting a synthetic effect behind the vocals (all courtesy of Paul Mitchell of Tapajenga). This is one of those tunes that’s easiest to describe if you simply call it other-worldly; it’s quality continues to unfold as the song does. Look for her new effort on April 7th via Keeled Scales. Austin folks can catch her Saturday night at Mohawk with Molly Burch and Cross Record.

More Music from Molly Burch

Molly Burch is going to be the lady of the year, just in case you weren’t in the know already. She’s teased us already with a 7″, but the release of Please Be Mine is getting closer, with all of us in Austin already waiting for you to hear what she brings to the table. Her soulful voice has already been hailed across the Internet, but I like the slight little pitch and tone changes on the end of syllables; it makes her heartfelt nature a little more playful, not to mention just a step outside your regular fare. If hits are what you’re looking for, expect Molly to bring them all your way on February 17th when the album hits stores via Captured Tracks.

ATX Spotlight: More from Molly Burch

mollyEarlier this year Austin’s Molly Burch unleashed a delightful 7″ with Captured Tracks, and now the label have finally announced the release of herdebut full-length, Please Be Mine. Of course, Molly’s got this throw back soulful pop styling, but I love how there’s some forcefulness in some of the notes she releases on this single. It’s great to see that there’s some textured variance in her delivery, meaning we can expect the full-length to be full of the promise we’ve all seen here in town; look for the release on February 17th of next year.

ATX Spotlight: Molly Burch


The internet is buzzing with this new video/single from Molly Burch, and after taking a bit of time with this track, I can understand why. The song below, “Downhearted” is a gorgeous blend of dark, romantic pop with a hint of folk, all with Burch’s velvet vocals at the heart of the song. The mix is simple and low, allowing Burch’s voice to shine. It’s got an Angel Olsen-meets-Sharon Van Etten vibe to it, and you should definitely take a listen and get acquainted with this lady before she blows up big time. Pre-order the single here.