Mons Vi Drop Spanglish Electropop

We’ve posted about Mons Vi a few times before, and when the band reached out with their latest bit of pop, I had to oblige and get it up. For one, the song’s great in its concept; it’s a conversation between two lovers, one speaking Spanish and the other English. Just imagine you’re enjoying a sit-down at your favorite chillaxing spot, with a more multi-cultural version of the Postal Service bouncing through the speakers. Playful and captivating all at once, so why not share that feeling with you all.

Relaxed Vibes from Mons Vi

This week Mons Vi gives us two new singles, one a redux edition of “Tangerine,” but I’m really stoked on the track “Away.” It’s got this really casual vibe, using a light, beach-leaning guitar chord that swirls about in your speakers. There’s a really nice touch about midway through, when another vocal balances out singer Matthew Hershoff’s voice, even countering it as the moment progresses. It’s playful, yet there’s a purpose to it that sounds confident in the song’s quality. Give a listen to the song, and check out the band for more joyous pop to wile away your day.

Cool Vibes from Mons Vi

monsviI’ve hit up Mons Vi a few times before, and this new track is perfect for your Wednesday listening; it’s definitely chilled out while you contemplate the long two days aheads or the short two days behind us. I like the how the band’s early influences with jazz and piano have now been organized to create laid back pop structures. Still, it’s not entirely your ordinary fare; you’ll hear some odd samples and soloing guitar working against the casual feel of the track. This song is off the trio’s new single, which has another song you can grab HERE.

Happy Friday, Here’s Mons Vi

monsviSometimes tracks comes across the Internet that you just want to share with all your friends, and I think this Mons Vi track is just such a thing. There’s this jubilant structure to the song, but it’s not quite overly joyous, as the band coat the mix with a little bit of intentional noisiness. While the vocals seem to stay just on top, the band creates an emphatic performance behind, pacing the track as a whole. This song appears on the band’s brand new Self Help EP, which is currently available.