Montero Shares New Video

It’s looking more and more likely that Australian artist Montero is going to find a broader base when he releases his new record. Luckily for us, the accompanying videos for this new album have been nothing short of remarkable, with this addition created by Sean McAnulty being added to that category. Atop of the visual concept, the music also speaks a to the lofty goals that Ben Montero has been able to create; this song has this magical quality, almost like space glam. It’s pop music swelling with emotion, dripping with creativity and layered with vocals that make us all part of the show. Look for Performer to hit on February 2nd via Chapter Music.

Montero Announces Performer

Montero has just announced his next album, Performer, for Chapter Music…so you know we’re already going to commit to enjoying it. Luckily, the song’s pretty special, living in the world where dream pop and psychedelia mingle at the bar. There’s even a funkiness to the opening moments, setting Ben Montero’s work apart from many of his Aussie peers. He even created the animated video below, and it’s difficult to tell which came first, the video or the song; they seem to match so well, it’s hard not to see them as one whole. The record drops on February 2nd of next year, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sweeping Pop from Montero

Montero just dropped this gem of a tune, filled to the brim with musical touchstones. In his vocals, you can certainly hear the prog structures of yore swelling to the top, almost wizardly at times. But, one listen to the chorus and you’re going to be alright…those notes assure it. Musically, there’s some stomp, some squawk and synths painting the soundscape in a captivating wash of pop. A new album is said to be in the works for Chapter Music, dropping sometime in 2018.

Great Old Song from Montero

It’s been pouring in Austin since yesterday, so I’m really happy that this song fits in perfectly with the weather.  To continue with my adoration of all things Oceanic, I’d like to reintroduce you to Montero…the project of Ben Montero (also featuring Guy of Chapter Music and Geoff of Crayon Fields).  At first, you’d think I’m just plugging my friends, and yea, I am, but this songs too great not to put it back on people’s radars.  This song comes from a 7″ they put out last year on Mistletone, and VICE caught wind of the band and made up THIS little mini-documentary.  I guess there’s never a bad time to listen to a good song, so enjoy this one friends; I do this for you all.


Download:Montero – Rainman [MP3]