Moon Duo Share Eternal Shore

The shapeshifting project that is Moon Duo are back with another single from their forthcoming Stars Are the Light. This one shows there more psychedelic vibe, which has long been their home base genre, though they’ve moved about. There’s plenty of guitar noodling, notes twisted in and out of the rhythmic pulse that sits behind the song’s entirety. Sanae pops in from time to time throughout the song’s jam to deliver these smoky vocal lines that sort of trap you in this mystical trance mode; they sort of feel like something out of some darkened den of the late 60s.Their new album will be released on September 27th by their longtime label, Sacred Bones Records.

Moon Duo Announce Stars Are the Light

I’m really hoping that this new Moon Duo single holds true for the band’s new album, Stars Are the Light. I feel like they’ve been flirting with constructing dreamy synth driven pop over the last few releases, moving further away from their original psychedelic sounds. I mean, here, there’s this beautifully soft beat, matched by the gentle shared vocals; a guitar flourishes in the middle, but then becomes just a part of the song’s emotions as the vocals return to carry the weight. The song’s latter half illustrates that there’s still room to jam it out, but the band’s focus on pop sensibility in the front half of the track has me won over. The new LP will be out on September 27th via Sacred Bones Records.

Moon Duo Covers Alan Vega

Seems like a no-brainer that I’d be into this new tune from Moon Duo, which has the band covering Alan Vega of Suicide; it’s part of the band’s new 12″ of Alan Vega and The Stooges covers. On this version, the band seem to trade in the jittery urgency of Vega’s original for a deeper propulsive throb; the natural swing is gone, stolen by the dark underbelly that Moon Duo have brought to their own tunes. It’s also a bit longer than the original by almost two minutes, allowing the band to pull you deeper into the track. This covers 12″ will be released by Sacred Bones Records on January 19th.

Yesterday’s News: Another New Moon Duo Single

I love the ever-changing progress of Moon Duo. While they still adhere to some of their early psychedelic influences, such as the driving synth work here, they continue to move and change within those confines. Here, they offer up this smoky vocal that rests atop the pulsing musical accompaniment; it has this smoothed out production that’s reminiscent of classic 90s dream pop. Oh! The track manages to keep your attention, in spite of its length, which hopefully doesn’t scare away the looky-loos. Their newest release Occult Architecture Vol. 2 will be released by their long-time label, Sacred Bones Records, on May 5th.

Catch This New Moon Duo Video

Masters of fuzzy psych rock, Moon Duo, are going to be releasing a new album shortly, and to get you stoked for that new record, you ought to take a listen and watch the pretty stellar animated music video below. As per usual, Moon Duo strike the perfect balance of hazy-lost-in-a-dream psych and gritty alt rock. On “Cold Fear,” you get quite a bit of keyboard as well to guide you through the heavy distortion. The vocals are a gentle aspect amidst the instrumentation, hypnotizing you furtherinto the vortex of swirling guitars. Take a listen/watch below and then go preorderOccult Architecture Vol. 1 from Sacred Bones.


Obligatory Moon Duo Post

moonduoYep. This song popped up all over the place yesterday, and I’m going to add my voice to the Internet void that is music journalism. Moon Duo have continued to grow, and with that, impress listeners such as yourself. Hearing this new single, it sounds like they’re taking the backbone of Spiritualized or Spaceman and kicking it up a notch with heavier guitars. For my ears, that chorus is what’s stunning; it’s probably the band at their most accessible. I’m looking forward to seeing more growth when they release Occult Architecture Vol. 1 via Sacred Bones Records on February 3rd.


Fresh Tune from Moon Duo

moonduoOf all the psychedelic bands that have flourished in the last few years, I think Moon Duo has to be one of my favorites. They always seem to take some of the basics of the genre, then take them on their own little musical adventures. Their latest single has a darkened electronic tinge to it, pulsing from the get-go. Vocals are muddied, lurking beneath…that is until the band hits the chorus and turns things into a dancing world of pop sensibility. I imagine this is the region where Blank Dogs meets those psych freaks. Excited to hear the group’s new effort, Occult Architecture Vol. 1 via Sacred Bones Records early next year.

Bonus Track From Moon Duo!

unnamed-2Whenever a band that just released an album throws another track your way, you take it. Moon Duo, the psychedelic rockers who released Shadow of the Sun earlier this year, have a bonus song from that release to share with you today called “Fadeaway” and it’s packed with even more of that great gritty psych rock that you love from these two. Who knows when we’ll hear from this band again, so take pleasure in the extra track below and if you haven’t already, check out Shadow of the Sun, which is out via Sacred Bones Records.

Moon Duo – Shadow of the Sun


Rating: ★★★½ ·

Trying to nail down the sound of San Francisco’s Moon Duo is a bit more difficult than slapping on the label of hazey rock, as these two (three, counting live drummer John Jeffrey) turn that genre inside out. The drone/noise guitar becomes the substance itself and everything else works like kindling to fuel this grungey fire. Shadow of the Sun sees this band creating music that primarily dwells under this haze, occasionally surfacing for lighter and poppier tunes.

They begin with the darkness of “Wilding,” which is pretty much a straightforward gritty guitars blazing rock song. This song is a rambunctious and raw start to the album, as the band starts you out with the shadowy rock before they tone it down from this grit to the more refined “Night Beat.” The band takes the haze of noise with their guitar, reverb coated vocals, and adds a quirky and somewhat spooky synth part to it. Here is the trend that takes hold over the music here; it feels eerie and haunting but with enough dance hooks and jangly percussion to drive it to genre of synth pop. The same can be said with “Zero,” but this song blends the two genres seamlessly into one slow simmering tune.

Later “Slow Down Low, makes for one of the brighter, lighter tunes on the album. The use of airy synths, handclaps and gang vocals make this song a surefire hit, still incorporating those drone-guitars, but they’re balanced out with the clean clarity of the synthesizer. This is one of the best songs, and the guitars take over at its end to provide that revival of darkness before you move on to “Ice.” Nearing the end of the nine songs that Moon Duo has crafted, “Ice,” feels more like a continuation of the previous song, a groovy outro of sorts to tone down the sound before the last song.

                  Shadow of the Sun is a surprisingly fun album; for all the dark and swirling pieces of the music, there are a decent amount of tunes that have a dance-able quality to them. The brooding nature of Moon Duo’s hazey guitar rock sound is always there, but within that space they’ve made songs that work to get you moving a bit beyond just nodding your head. That being said, this album’s novelty wears off a little bit after you’ve put the record down. I’ll be back to revisit my favorite tracks for sure, but on the whole it doesn’t push from good to great.


SXSW 2015 Interview: Moon Duo

moon duo bannerMoon Duo is prepping the release of their new album, Shadow of the Sun, and with that, they’ll also be coming into Austin to show off their new jams…based on this interview, you might get to hear them all. I highly suggest you check these guys out; I’ve been impressed both times I’ve seen them.  They craft their shows specifically to fit their music, so you’re getting an experience, more than just a good old fashioned rock show. Check out what they had to say below.  Read more

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