Moon Pics Share FLWR Video

Ever wanted to know what it would be like if Radio Dept descended into that cloud of smoke on the cover of Clinging to a Scheme? Well, if they turned that way instead of bubbling into pop (not that I mind that), they’d likely sound like Moon Pics. The project of Brazilian Adriano Caiado, he’s crafting these ethereal pop pieces, these otherworldly musical entities that sweep you away as a listener. Of course, you could also sit back, let the mind be mesmerized by the visual effects working in the latest video too. This is that place where you let your mind go, that place we’re all looking for right now. Go ahead, go.

Moon Pics Share Fall Video

I’m sort of obsessed with Adriano Caiado’s project Moon Pics at the moment. Today he shares the fantastic black and white video that accompanies his brand new single, and while there’s some incredible work in the video, the song puts me over the moon. Drawing from the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the Radio Dept, his work blends the harsh tones with this incredible pop sensibility that seems to move in and out of focus. It ends up creating this warped brilliance that sort of intoxicates you, letting you bath in this glorious soundscape crafted by Caiado in his bedroom. This new digital single is being put out by Midsummer Madness.