New Video from Moonlover

I wrote about Moonlover earlier this year as Quang Dinh was readying his album, Thou Shall Be Free…and now I wanted to share this video for the album’s “Wedding Day.” At times, it feels as if you’re approaching some beach front property in an arid climate, but the solemnity in Dinh’s voice also seems to lend itself to heartache…operating on the dynamic between dark and light. The video offers that same contrast, with black images moving upon lighter backgrounds. If the song piques your interest, then be sure to go grab the album HERE.

Moonlover Drops New Video

If you’re looking for an Australian artist to make some new waves abroad, then perhaps you should listen closely to this new video from Moonlover. It’s one of the standout tunes on the recently released Thou Shall Be Free LP, and the natural bounce of the song immediately had my attention. The track sort of has this casual beach vibe, feeling as if the spray from crashing waves just gently coats your skin. But, the song takes a slight turn at the 2 minute mark that’s charming; it’s just a slight turn in the way the vocals get delivered before settling back into the track’s melody. Just something for you to enjoy on this fine Tuesday morning; the LP is available via Our Golden Friend.