Beautiful Tune from Damon & Naomi

D&NFortuneArtworkI hope the world still has love for Galaxie 500; the band seems to only find fandom in small circles these days.  Regardless, 2/3 of the act has continued as Damon & Naomi since the group’s split, and they’re readying a new release for next week, February 17th.  I’ve fallen in love with the patience of the duo’s songwriting; every harmony and melody seems so natural and honest.  On the track below, the two combine their vocals for a sincere performance based on loose guitar and tinkering keys.  Your heads not on straight? Let it continue to drift away below.  Look for Fortune next week via Ba Da Bing Records.


Download: Damon & Naomi – Time Won’t Own Me [MP3]

Grab the new Album from Aunt Sis

sissyWintry folk music with just a hint of classic pop sensibility? Don’t mind if I do! The work of Aunt Sis, and their 9 Tracks album, is made up of five new songs, and a previously released EP.  I’m really enjoying the opening track, which is why I’ve included it below for your sampling pleasure.  You can grab the whole 9 Tracks for the NYOP, or you can be a collector and pick up the band’s work via cassette from their label Bleeding Gold Records.


Download: Aunt Sis – Charlie’s Imminent (But Scenic) Death [MP3]

Solid New Single from Those Darlins

thosedarlinsListening to this new single from Those Darlins, I kept expecting the band to just blast off into typical rock fare.  But, to the defense of this tune, they show a bit of restraint, slowly letting the song unfold atop the guitar lines.  For my two cents, this is the most impressive track I think the girls have written to date…I’m a fan of the ballad format when it’s perfected like this.  The band have announced that Blur the Line, their new record, will be released on September 1st, with a huge nationwide tour coinciding with the album’s release.


Download: Those Darlins – Oh God [MP3]

Fresh New Music from Saint Motel

Saint MotelHopefully you heeded our advice and caught Saint Motel‘s most excellent live show at Red 7 a few weeks back, but if not, then you’re lucky we’ve got a new tune for you to get ahold of today.  Our friends are currently working on writing new material for their next album, and they’ve allowed us to share the first hit (of many more I’m sure) from said record.  There’s horn’s a plenty, but it still maintains the group’s knack for gang vocals surrounding swelling pop moments.  If you’re down in spirit today, then just one listen will get you going; you should also revisit Voyeur…it’s a dandy.


Download: Saint Motel – My Type [MP3]

Dark Synth Pop from Nerves

nerves_mailchimpLet’s all enjoy a little bit of throbbing synth pop today, courtesy of Australia’s Nerves.  From the start, the song pulses energetically, with Cat Hughes haunting voice, reminiscent of the Knife, smoothly operating atop the beats.  It’s a tune that allows you to stomp your feet frivolously, yet at the same time still revolves around the sound of the vocals.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are really going to gravitate towards this track, and you can find more such tunes on the group’s new Crooked Bones EP.  Tasty.


Download: Nerves – Counting [MP3]

On Your Radar: Mainland Comes to Austin @ Cheer Up Charlies

mainlandA few weeks ago, I caught wind of this catchy bit of pop from Mainland, a band that hasn’t really been around for too long.  I indulged in a few listens, found myself bobbing my head and tapping these old toes, so I figured it’s best if I shared this with you all, especially since the band is coming our way tomorrow night for a special set at Cheer Up Charlies.  The title of their new EP is Girls Unknown, and you’ll definitely find yourself nodding along to these summery tunes.  Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned pop track.


Download: Mainland – Wasted [MP3]

Bad Sports Return!

Bad SportsLet’s not beat around the bush here; I absolutely love Bad Sports…even when they’re backing Nobunny!  The Texas trio is back with a brand new jam today, and a new album coming our way soon.  The first single has the group spinning catchy garage punk like only they can, filling the vocals with the band’s natural bit of swagger.  Their new album is called Bras, and it will be released by Dirtnap Records at the end of next month. You can count on it being the perfect record to close out our summer jam session.


Download: Bad Sports – Let Me In [MP3]