Beauty From Wilsen

untitledWilsen is a relatively new band from New York city fronted and creatively run by the lovely Tamsin Wilsen.  As a new debut LP is coming soon, Tamsin and her band are sharing a preview of their material with this beautiful track “Garden”.  One can find elements of Feist in the song combined with some backing beats that drop at all the perfect moments.  A truly great introduction to this young artist.

Stay tuned with more information on a debut LP dropping sometime later this year.

Jangling Post Rock from Lower

lowerShifting guitars open up this track with a bit of a jangling ring, before the brooding kicks in from Lower.  That brooding comes in via the dark croon of the vocals, with just a faint hint of a pleasant meldoy hiding at the end of each syllable.  Meanwhile, the guitars are still ringing and the drums are pounding; it creates a pretty striking effect, making all of us at ATH on alert for the release of the band’s debut album, Seek Warmer Climes; it’ll be out on June 17th via Matador.  Here’s a video for the below single: VIDEO.


Download: Lower – Soft Option [MP3]