Massage Cover I’m Going in a Field

After dropping the excellent Still Life earlier this year, Massage turned around and announced the Lane Lines EP last month. There’s a new tune circulating, which is a cover of the classic Ivor Cutler Trio tune, “I’m Going in a Field.” They drag the original into a sort of paisley landscape, toying with jangling guitars, while still allowing the emotive quality of the tune to remain the focus. I know the band is based in LA, but this track feels like it should take place in the foggy realms of San Francisco or London, giving it this timelessness that’s sure to win new fans of the group. Look for Lane Lines via Mt. St. Mtn. on December 10th.

Massage Announce Lane Lines EP

As much as I love Austin, San Francisco seems the place to be for music this year…and Massage is just one of the many bands having made a name for themselves. They’ve already release Still Life, which I raved about over here, but now we’ve got the Lane Lines EP on the horizon for December. Honestly, this new single might be one of my favorites, as it feels like this weirdly logical step from New Order’s Republic, just building in a little more jangle to things, not to mention the nice little female backing vocal nod. If you haven’t spent anytime with this band, then now’s your chance to correct that, and this song couldn’t be a better way to move right on in on the band’s great work. Lane Lines EP is out December 1st via Mt. St. Mtn.

Cindy Share Party Store Video

You should immediately stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and just spend two minutes of your day fully invested in this new Cindy video. The band are on the verge of dropping 1:2 LP, and like everything coming out of San Francisco in the last year, its jumping to the top of my listening rotation. The buzz of the synthesizer really connects for me somehow; it almost feels like a separate guitar line that’s sort of feeding back behind Karina’s softened delivery. Personally, the band just has this knack for creating these songs that are emotionally moving, yet feel steadied, almost stationary, in their presentation. The fact that this isn’t one of the biggest bands out there right now means we’re all covering the wrong stuff. The LP will be out on October 1st via Mt. St. Mtn., with a vinyl version coming in November.

Cindy Share Lost Dog Single

Dammit! Why are you not listening to Cindy all day every day! The San Francisco band shared another single from their forthcoming 1:2 LP, and I’ll be darned if I’m not going to play this during my students’ free write time today. It’s this drifting piece of no-pop, almost as if it’s a song that’s just happy to merely exist in the world. The recording is so intimate, all the way to the crackling of the speakers and the little nuanced electronic notes toying with your ears in the distance. Every time I press play I’m just transfixed, rooted to this sort of other-worldly blank space where there’s nothing but me and this tune, drifting away into the unknown. Whatever. This better be on your year end list or you’re a fake. Look for 1:2 via Tough Love/Mt. St. Mtn. on September 1st.

Cindy Announce 1:2 LP + Share New Single

If you haven’t gotten on the Cindy train just yet, well, you better hurry, as they’re isn’t a bunch of room, particularly with the band selling out each time they drop an album. Today they announce the new 1:2 LP for Mt. St. Mtn. and Tough Love, and it’s a striking follow-up to Free Advice. Karina Gill is clearly the star of the show, her voice brimming with this quiet soulfulness; I love the airiness to, breezing through your ears. Of course, while Gill signs, the band’s perfect accents only elevate things. Guitars lightly jangle, hanging in midair, much like Karina’s voice; the keys create an emotionally nuanced atmosphere; the drums hang for rhythm, but stay to of the way to let the rest shine. The new LP will be out on October 1st (vinyl follows in November).

Another Great Massage Tune

This Massage LP better not sell out before I get paid, though admittedly, it should definitely be on everyone’s radar. The latest single has this wistful vibe, something akin to a movie scene where the passenger stares longingly out a window hoping/praying for a better day than today…or at least that’s how I’m hearing it. Plus, the jangles and the synths give the song this wash that sounds incredibly similar to Another Sunny Day’s “You Should All Be Murdered,” and that is 100% reason alone to steam this song and tap your toes. I mean, how many great songs can this band write? We’re going to find out when Still Life drops on June 25th.

Yesterday’s Massage Video

We’ve definitely been supporting Massage on their new LP, careful to throw in only the appropriate Pains of Being Pure at Heart references where applicable. Here we are a day late on their new video for the record’s first single, which is the opening track on Still Life. For me, this tune is all about the juxtaposition of the varying guitar sounds that course through the song. At times they’ve got that disorienting fuzz, other times you get crisp circular jangles, at times both battling for air…and all of it dripped over a simply thunderous beat. Honestly, what’s amazed me the most about this record, or at least the singles, are how well balanced everything is…every guitar sound, drum beat, and vocal; its really a special treat for us all. Still Life is out in July via Mt. St. Mtn./Tear Jerk/Bobo Integral.

Another Single from Massage

Bobo Integral is out there proclaiming that this Massage LP might be the best indiepop record of the year; while I’m pretty sure Glenn Donaldson might have something to day, I think that’s reason enough to give an added push to the sounds. Clearly everyone involved isn’t far off, particularly with the sort of soft pop underbelly of this tune; this gives you sort of that dreaming whimsy, that smiling as you stare longingly out the window feels. Twinkling guitar notes and some great arrangement really do make you feel like this could be the stellar indiepop record we were promised. Still Life is being supported by Bobo Integral/Tear Jerk/Mt. St. Mtn. on June 25th.

That New Massage Tune

If you happen to be into the same style of jams as us, you’re likely to know there’s only a handful of sites covering some of these genres regularly, which is where this tune first popped up yesterday. Massage has former members of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, which to me shines through; you can imagine some of these tunes showing up as acoustic demos in the band’s practice space, taking notes from 80s UK indiepop (and some other nostalgic notes). Of course, we wouldn’t love a good slow burn if it didn’t feature delicate little touches of ringing in your ears rock n’ roll, placed delicately throughout so as to walk that tightrope between traditional pop and blends of shoegaze. Heavy hitter labels Mt. St. Mtn./Tear Jerk Records/Bobo Integral will help get Still Life out into the world on June 25th.

The Wind-Ups Announce Try Not to Think

I don’t know what’s happened to the water in California as of late, but every tune coming out of the state is fucking brilliant. This track from the Wind-Ups just tore through my speakers as I didn’t heed the warning to not turn up to 11! Drums pound and the guitars just scream with distortion, but while I love that, and my eardrums still shake, the hidden gem comes in some of the vocal’s and their slide nod towards pop; I love how it captivates you with this thunderous wall of noise, then slips a note under your door to say “Surprise, its a pop song!” This feels like its going to rip; look for Try Not to Think on Mt. St. Mtn.

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