More Electro Pop from My Great Ghost

I’ve written about this duo before, but as things heat up here in Austin, I’m always pleased with tracks that demonstrate the lighter side of my personal musical tastes.  My Great Ghost has just released their EP, which should whet your appetite as they work on completing their full length album.  While the beginning of this track seems fairly normal and catchy, it hits harder as the vocals soar a little bit higher and the strength of the beats come through.  This is definitely a group worthy of your attention; be sure to check out their self-titled EP.


Download:My Great Ghost – Means To An End [MP3]

More New Pop from My Great Ghost

A few months back we brought you the tune “Plain Sight” from the self-titled EP from My Great Ghost.  Now, as the date draws near for the July 10th release of their EP, we’ve got another track from their EP to share with you, “Photograph.”  Again, the duo has crafted some well organized electronic pop that builds steadily throughout the track, which is indicative of all the tracks on the group’s EP.  With a start like this EP, the future looks bright for the groups from New York, so be sure to check out the release, and keep the band on your radar.


Download:My Great Ghost – Photograph [MP3]

New Electro Tune From My Great Ghost

RayRay here is going electro today with a couple new tunes since ATH sometimes seems to ignore the genre outside of the few occasional posts from photo man BGray.  This new jam “Plain Sight” comes from NYC based duo My Great Ghost featuring singer Drew Smith and producer Trevor Gureckis.  The two gents apparently spent some after hours time at work together crafting a new short self-titled EP due out for release on July 10th.  Hope you enjoy the swanky beats.


Download: My Great Ghost – Plain Sight [MP3]