Nah Share Finger on the Map

Nah… have been on our minds since we first heard their Summer’s Falling EP in 2018, and while we’ve been waiting for a full LP, they’ve dropped in a single here and then to keep our eyes (and ears) on the prize. Their debut self-titled LP is a week or so away, so we’re happily sharing another single to encourage your purchase. For an indiepop band, they sure offered a nice twist on the opening here, giving us more of an almost classic rock chug bouncing back in forth in our speakers. When Sebastian enters with his curled croon, the song softens up a little bit, though there’s still some heavy-handed riffs hanging back there; I just loved the energy this song pushed forward from the start. All that said, the group does start to see-saw back towards the purely indiepop side of things around the 2 minute mark with Estella Rose poking her voice into the fray. Once there, the song bursts into this euphoric dream state of swirling melodies and squawking horns, riding the song to an emphatic close that’s both catchy and boisterous. Nah drops on September 23rd via Shelflife.

Nah Share Under the Radar Video

Nah are a band we’ve covered fairly frequently over the past few years, and it seems their debut album is finally on its way to us! Today the band share “Under the Radar,” a song about championing the underrated bands you’ve discovered along your own personal journey; I feel like we can definitely feel that on our end here at ATH. For some reason, Sebastian Voss’ voice really feels close to a young Jarvis on this tune, which I don’t mind one bit. Plus, what would a great pop song be if you didn’t include a nice little horn solo (check the 3:30 mark)!? Always great to hear a band crafting well arranged pop tunes, and Nah never shy away from that approach. Look for their debut LP via Shelflife in September!

Nah Drop New Indiepop Gem

There’s all sorts of sub-genres within the realm of indiepop; you’ve got the frantic jangling sort, the twee as fuck, the nonchalant bedroom pop and you’ve got the swinging croon. I like to bounce all over, but it seems Nah are out to perfect the crooning side, and they’re pretty damn near close with this new single. This number features this understated guitar shuffle working beneath, backed by a swinging rhythm section that drives the song forward; I also never shy away from a band with a sweet harmonica solo that actually fits the track. Ultimately, the majesty of the song stems from the vocal interplay between Sebastian and Estella; it’s like they’re singing to one another from opposite sides of the room, and we’re all caught up in the melodious dialogue. Put this on play and don’t look back!

New Indiepop from Nah

It’s a shame that my Best of Indiepop list is already up and running, as I’m sure I could squeeze in Nah somewhere in the mix. It begins with a fairly sugary opening, bubbling bass line and vocals from Estella to charm over those lightly jangling guitars. But, as the song continues, Sebastian jumps into the mix, proving himself the perfect foil to his musical partner; I love how his deeper tones contrast against the softer notes. The second track on the new single is equally as charming, much in the same fashion as the first, playing upon the vocal relationship of the two songwriters. You can grab the single and check out a video for the lead track HERE.

Fadeawayradiate Drops C86 Cover Compilation

If you stumble upon our site here, you’ll see, at least in my post that there’s a definite influence of C86-esque acts. The legendary compilation hasn’t just influenced myself, but countless others…and several of those have united to cover various acts from the compilation, as well as a few that weren’t on it (but fit in the genre nonetheless). Acts we’ve covered this year such as Pia Fraus (Shelflife), Nah and Skating Party all take a stab at their favorite groups from the period. At this moment, it’s running as NYOP over on band camp…though donations are always encouraged. Stream the whole compilation below via Fadeawayradiate Records.

Stream Summer’s Falling EP from Nah

Not too long ago we, hopefully, turned you on to the delightful indiepop stylings of new group, Nah. While that single was a great tease, you can now stream the 5 track Summer’s Falling EP in its entirety. Having listened through at least a dozen times, it feels like walking into a candy shop…every song is just as sweet as the next, though of course, I have my favorite. “Linus” has me in its grasp at the moment, with Estella’s low octave vocals rising to meet the song’s melody. Really you could listen to this EP all the way through and never grow weary of its sound…so why not do that now.

Have You Heard Nah?

While we were away during SXSW, we missed some special tunes, but perhaps none hits home with me more than this charming number from Nah. It’s a shimmering indiepop ditty with an infectious natural bounce, offset perfectly by the warmth that comes across in the delivery of the vocals from Sebastian, Kenji and Estella. While the duo started the project as a joke, they ended up crafting a delightful EP that we’ll be sure to rave about when it drops. For now, you’re best to just sit back and fall in love with this group from the get-go; I rarely send indiepop fans the wrong way!