New Music from Naomi Punk

naomiIt’s been several months since we’ve gotten further word on the impending release of the new Naomi Punk album, but today we can rejoice with their latest single.  I can hear similarities to the blistering noise that Ty Segall would bring, though there’s this bridled restraint here in this song, with the group pulling back every time you expect them to blast forward.  It leaves you with an unsettling piece of post-rock, which is, after all, the best sort.  Look for more great songs on the band’s album, Television Man, when it’s released by Captured Tracks on August 5th.

Naomi Punk Ready New Album

naomiWhispers of Naomi Punk have been growing louder over the last year or so, as the Olympia group’s popularity is spreading greatly.  There’s an off-kilter guitar chug that opens up the track, leaving plenty of room for the vocals to make their entrance with a like-minded walk-along vocal.  Personally, I like that the song holds steady almost throughout, rather than rush through an anthemic punk moment.  We should be up for good things when the band releases their new album, Television Man, via Captured Tracks on August 5th.