Show Preview: Alvvays + Nap Eyes @ The Mohawk 10/17(TONIGHT)

This first little snap of cooler temps around ATX has got me yearning to be outside listening to sweet jams, and lucky for me, The Mohawk has the perfect bill to fit this desire. Alvvays, soaring into our town on the wings of their sophomore release, Antisocialites, will be bringing their pristine pop to our ears and there really isn’t an excuse to miss them. While their self titled debut was catchy in all the right ways, their most recent record showed maturity and dreamy layers of growth to their surfy indie pop. I personally can’t wait to hear the band play hits off the new record like “Not My Baby” or rambunctious “Plimsoll Punks.” Oh, and to top it all off, Nap Eyes will be opening up the night with their college rock. Tickets are still available, you can and should pick them up here. There simply is no better way to spend a Tuesday evening. Check out tunes from both bands below.

Top 50 Albums of 2016

top50You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016. It’s really really important. We’re going to make our site great again with this list. We’re going to win, bigly. But really, it’s just a list of the stuff we loved the most that we covered throughout this year on our site. The comment section is open, so feel free to tell us where we’ve gone wrong or what we’ve got right or anything else fitting. Read more

Fresh Track From Nap Eyes

unnamed-9The perks of this gig are that we occasionally get to preview albums months before their arrival, and that’s the case for me loving the song below so much. I’ve listened predominantly to two upcoming releases: Pete Astor and Nap Eyes. I really listened to them, playing them hundreds of times, and this Nap Eyes effort is really great. It’s got all the things that made indie rock so dominant in the late 90s/early 00s, offering great lyrical content along with a combination of college rock nostalgia and folk flourishes. Their new effort Thought Rock Fish Scale is nothing short of an enduring album you’ll come back to time and time again; it hits on February 5th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Catching Up with Nap Eyes

nappyWay back in 2014 we were way into Nap Eyes, and it seems the rest of the world is catching on to our love there…everyon’es really high on this act at the moment. Yesterday, news broke of their forthcoming sophomore release, Thought Rock Fish Scale. This single doesn’t have too much going on in it musically; it’s a casual ditty worked around some really relaxed guitar work and quiet percussive moments. But, what I think it striking folks is that it’s putting some literary content back into the world, which a great deal of artists seem to have shied away from…so it’s good to get something like this on the radar. Paradise of Bachelors will be releasing the band’s new album on February 5th of next year.

Way Interested in Nap Eyes

nappyApparently Nap Eyes is a band that’s slipped beyond everyone’s awareness, at least here in the United States.  The first reason the band caught my eye is that it features members of Monomyth and Each Other…two bands I’ve heard of and adored.  Then there’s this song; it’s fucking great.  It’s got this steady pace to it, as if the song was created simply to back the spoken word.  It’s like a modern twist on the music that nerds fell in love with…see fans of The Feelies and They Might Be Giants.  The group will re-release their hit Whine of the Mystic on July 10th via Paradise of Bachelors and You’ve Changed Records.