Nice Fuzz Rock From Sad Baxtar

It’s a little odd that we’ve never posted about Nashville based fuzz rock group Sad Baxtar in the past, but I plan to rectify that today. Here’s a single and video for the band’s new track “Believe Me” which you should be checking out now. It’s a very nice bit of grungy, sort of 90s throw back alternative rock with a gritty female lead vocal. I highly recommend you listen to this one right now.

Sad Baxtar will release a new EP entitled So Happy on July 20th via Cold Lunch Recordings.

Check Out Body Origami

Body Origami is a fairly new band from Nashville, TN who I suggest you check out on this fine hump day. The band just sent over this new song called “Sun Pry” which shows tons of creativity and a unique take on the indie shoegaze movement. I’m reminded of some the slower, dancier songs of Broncho or even locals She Sir. It definitely makes me want to sway and bounce along to the tightness of the song.

Body Origami will drop Bright and Only Mine on September 22nd via Broken Circles.

Thad Kopec Impresses With New Single

Nashville songwriter Thad Kopec has impressed my ears today with his latest single entitled “Half Moon/Distant Shore”. It’s a sweeping bit of psychpop music full of soaring moments and multiple rises and falls. With each listen, I think you’ll find some new layer to pick up on and enjoy. Well done sir.

Thad Kopec will release new album The Shadow and the Caster on April 21st.

Rock With JEFF the Brotherhood

unnamed (13)Man it’s been a really long time since we last brought up JEFF the Brotherhood and that’s just a dang shame. Now I believe this single was floating around late last week so I apologize for my tardiness, but the song is too good to not pass along. It’s called “Idiot” and features that good ‘ol rocking and rolling sound we’ve come to love from the band over the years. I see a straight up rocker as an excellent beginning to the week.

Dine Alone Records will release new album Zona on August 12th.


More From Ranch Ghost

unnamedOnly about a month ago we shared with you the first single from Nashville based Ranch Ghost and today I’m ready to share another impressive song. This one is entitled “Black Caboose” and features more of that sweet psych inspired sound we already loved about the band. I can actually picture the guys playing this song live in my mindwith these snarling vocals and fist pumping punk themes underneath. I dig.

Lookin will be out on July 1st via Rough Beast Records.

Carey Sign to Old Flame Records

careyNashville’s been picking up a lot of national credibility (though we all know it’s been there for years) as of late, and it looks like Carey could be another one of the acts to burst forth from that scene. They’ve just signed on with the reliable Old Flame Records, bringing a crunchy bit of guitar pop to your ears. Like only the best of the genre, they fill the distorted riffs with catchy hooks and anthemic lyrics that you can sing over and over. Look for their EP to come your way on March 11th.

Promised Land Sound Give Us A New One

988605_388342504603069_2075855350_nWe’ve given some love to Promised Land Sound in the past so you shouldn’t be surprised to see their name mentioned here again.  Today they have this great new track “Otherworldly Pleasures” for your listening pleasure.  It’s a little bit psychedelic with dashes of Americana and maybe even just a hint of folk stylings for good measure.

You can pick up new album For Use and Delight on October 2nd via Paradise of Bachelors.

Get Rowdy With Pujol

PujolWhen looking for a little rowdy rock fun with some dashes of pop sprinkled here and there, one need look no further than Nasvhille based Pujol.  Long a staple on ATH, Daniel Pujol and his band of misfits create their own unique brand of rock n roll that can be called garage rock, punk rock, or even indie rock dependent on who you ask.  However you like to label the guy, you can’t deny his songwriting capabilities.  Today we have a new rowdy and rockin’ track to enjoy called “June Bug”.  This one appears on an exclusive Record Store Day release as a split single with fellow Nashville artist Meth Dad.

P.S. – Record store day is this weekend dummies.  You’re welcome.

You Might Wanna Check Out Penicillin Baby

pbTired of the typical psychedelic influences growing in your record collection?  Well, perhaps you’ll enjoy the slight twist that Nashville’s Penicillin Baby have put on the sound, bringing in a more melodic focus to the structure that’s previously been established.  Sure, the sound of the guitar is still there, soloing off into the distance, but the vocals and the groove of the track below really implore you to appreciate a more pop-tastic approach.  As of now, they’re working on finishing up a new album, so this is the first taste you’ll get of good things to come your way.

Perfect Pop From COIN

coin_mediumThis is COIN. We last talked about them in October of 2013 and this song popped up on my radar of things to listen to and I got around to it. Glad I did.

We are suckers for superbly executed power pop and COIN has it the formula in spades. Synthy flourishes, memorable chord structures and a wicked hook. There is something in the water in Nashville right now; they are happier people, I guess. This single is a hint of the record to come, Looking forward to hearing the rest. They are on the road for a segment of the current Grizfolk tour so DC, Philly, Boston and Brooklyn readers will be able to see them starting tomorrow night and on to the weekend and though I wasn’t wildly impressed with Grizfolk maybe COIN‘s set will make it worth the ticket…

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