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Our amigo Justin Giles Wilcox grew to some moderate fame with his incomparable work in bands Nassau and Moonlight Bride. Having spent some years with those projects, Wilcox is stepping out again with his new project called Monteagle. We’ve previously heard his single “East L.A.” leaving us wanting more, and low and behold, here’s another new song today to build our anticipation of the new album. This one, “Master” features that cool, calm, and collected sound from Wilcox which creates a beautiful, soulful indie folk track.

Monteagle will release new album Midnight Moon on November 30th via Fire Talk Records.

Beautiful Monteagle Tune

Monteagle is the project of Nassau/Moonlight Bride songwriter Justin Giles Wilcox, and he’s finally got the tunes to leave the world with his first full length under the name. My ears here two sides to the tune, perhaps my own fragmented listening memories; the first is this powerful emotive pull from Wilcox’ voice cooing over a strummed guitar, lightly aided by backing female counterpart; the other side is this broad sweeping pastoral journey. Both sides are equally as entrancing, with perhaps a little nod to the early work of M. Ward. Midnight Noon will drop on November 30th via Fire Talk Records.

SXSW Interview: Nassau

We continue our SXSW interviews by catching up with Nassau, the duo of Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein . Late last year they released the excellent Heron, and they’re riding that momentum all the way into Austin. They’ll be playing their official show on March 16th at 18th Over Austin at 8 PM. Stream their recent album below, and follow that jump for the interview.

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Hazy Mellow Tunes from Nassau

nassauI like the simplicity of this new track from New York duo, Nassau. There’s a trickling bit of percussive loops that opens the track, serving as a brief prelude to the meandering guitar work that dominates the rest of the song. My ears love that you can hear the slight buzz of the guitar string being plucked lightly.You’ll hear a hazy vocal, almost sounding weary and forlorn, yet in that, it’s also settling…at least in its familiarity. On June 23rd, the band will release the Hoss EP via Fire Talk Records…let it trickle in.

New Music from Grassfight

New York trio Grassfight get a lot of nods for their kinship to Nick Cave, having solely to do with the vocals present in their music.  But, as the release of their new Icon EP 2 comes this week, I’m more focused on the music they’re creating.  The work on the high-hat is solid, and the cascading guitars that continuously assault your ears are precisely what I want an indie rock band to sound like nowadays.  There’s not a lot of frills, no added nuance, just straightforward rock n’ roll.  If you’re enjoying what you hear, keep your eyes out for the group, as we’re sure to get more from them soon…or so we hope.


Download:Grassfight – Nassau [MP3]