Have Another Tune from Plastic Flowers

This latest single from Plastic Flowers perfectly encapsulates his ability to craft tunes for the sake of escapism. The soft quality of the vocals pulls you in, synths wrap you up and the song just calmly sits in your being. Hints of dark bedroom pop are evident, but there’s this overwhelming sensation that allows you to momentarily step outside of yourself; this is the powerful music he’s crafting over in London. His new album, Absent Forever, will be released on November 10th via Native Sound.

Dreamy Swing Pop from Divino Nino

divinoBy now, you should be paying attention to what Native Sound is doing. They’re a new-is label, but they’ve got a pretty solid roster, including Divino Nino. The band has this dreamy swing feel to it, though not with a dance hall attitude…more like that weird kid dancing in the club by him/herself. The group has some Hispanic influences, so you can hear a little bit of tropicalia leaking into their sound, though you’ll also be really into it if you imagine Little Joy getting into a fistfight with Mac Demarco. This track will appear on the band’s new album, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, which will be released on May 13th.

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More New Tunes from Plastic Flowers

plasticThis new album from Plastic Flowers is shaping up to be a gem of a listen. I was already convinced by early singles, but this new one only continues in the vein of glorious bedroom pop. There’s this little distorted guitar that meanders in the middle of the song, almost noodling about before it all circles back to reemphasize the pop hooks that George Samaras has constructed. Heavenly is being released on April 22nd via Native Sound, aiming to win over hearts and ears everywhere.

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