Natural Child Continue to Throw It Back

Natural ChildWhen I first caught on to Natural Child, the group had some old school rock n’ roll tendencies, but they wrapped it up in a sweaty mess that made it vital in my listening rotation. But, through their last few releases, they’ve looked even further back, taking in all those classic influences, not to mention their Southern heritage to bring classic rock back into the fold. I’m not going to lie, it’s totally different than where I first met the band’s sound, but I can still stand behind the grooves their bringing to the fold. They’ll be releasing their new album, Okey Dokey, via their new label, Natural Child Records and Tapes.

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Sorry I Missed You: Lylas

lylasLast week I was really into this new Lylas tune, but for some reason, I lost my way and forgot about it.  I suppose that’s precisely the way Lylas, the project of Kyle Hamlett, would want it; it’s a rather unassuming track, but one that has these tiny little movements that capture the ear of the listener.  It’s a journeyman’s song, carrying you along the way, which is perfect for a nice drive through the heated summer horizons.  It might not hurt that the group organized behind Hamlett features members of Natural Child, Lambchop and Stone Jack Jones…but no word on further releases other than this here track.

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Can You Dig ScotDrakula

sdWednesday’s are always good for some crunchy rock n’ roll, which is perfect since we’ve got this rad track from ScotDrakula to offer you today.  The Australian three-piece have some similarities to everyone’s favorite modern garage-rockers, but this, like Natural Child, seems to be more inspired by the history of Nashville songwriting.  There’s still some grit coming forth in the howl of frontman Matt, so you’ll definitely get your rock n’ roll dosage for the day.  The group are releasing a double-cassette on December 16th via Fleeting Youth Records, which will include their album Burner and their Break Me Up EP, which is where this tune finds a home.


Download: ScotDrakula – Stupid Everything [MP3]

Fresh Single from Twin Peaks

twinpeaksEven the press release from Twin Peaks acknowledges that the band bares no resemblance to the music of their television name sake, so don’t even expect something dark and gloomy.  What you will get from the minute you press play is a rambunctious sound, operating with a whole lot of swagger; this reminds me of the early stuff that Natural Child was pulling off. So, if you find yourself in the need of some bluesy guitar rock, then you’ll do well to jam to this new track from the band.  They’ll be releasing a new record, Wild Onion, on August 5th, preceded by a nice long tour, which includes a date in Austin on May 24th.

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Another Denney and the Jets Jam

denneyIt makes perfect sense that Seth Murray of Natural Child would team up with Denney and the Jets for this tune.  The Nashville band seems to embody the same approach, at least as of late, to writing songs that bridge the gap between garage rock and classic rock n’ roll.  This tune will be featured on the band’s forthcoming record, Mexican Coke, which is being released by Burger Records on April 8th. The record explores themes of substances use, family, rodeo clowns and loads more, tying it all into the iconic history of Tennessee songwriting.  Take a little listen.



SXSW 2014 Interview: Natural Child

131202-natural-child-velvet-undergroundOne of my favorite bands of the last several years, Natural Child, is making their way to Austin, again.  Despite the fact that they always seem to be here, I’m always willing to go out of my way to catch their sets.  They’ve got a new album, Dancin With Wolves, which will be out by the time the band rolls into town for SXSW; it’s a little bit different than previous work, but equally as good. The Internet allowed us to catch up with them before they head our way. Read more

Natural Child Expand Their Sound with Out in the Country

naturalchildIf you’re a follower of Natural Child, you could easily tell your friends that you saw this one coming.  From the moment they organized their “Family Band” the riotous barroom rockers have been aching to broaden their horizons.  They’re moving further from the blues-y garage rock styles they employed earlier on; they’re pushing more towards a solid country/blues world.  But, that being said, they’ve still got the chops to make their music a must have in any nerds collection. This smooth number is just an indicator that as they’re songwriting matures, they’re still just as bad ass as you expected them to be. Their new album Dancin With Wolves (which oddly doesn’t feature Kevin Costner on the cover) will be out via Burger Records on February 25th.


Download: Natural Child – Out in the Country [MP3]

New Tune from Natural Child

Natural ChildOne of my favorite bands, Natural Child, is back at it again, with news rolling around today that the band is going to be releasing Dancin with Wolves via Burger Records on February 25th.  If you haven’t caught their live show, you’re missing out on something special, but I’ve also been impressed with their recorded material over the last two albums.  They combine what you’d expect from Southern influenced rock, but they do it with a tried and true formula cut in the dirtiest clubs across America.  Don’t be the last one to get on this train to sweet rock n’ roll.

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Rolling Good Times from Promised Land Sound

plsI’ve quite enjoyed the tunes I’ve gotten recently from Promised Land Sound, the Nashville quartet who’ve quickly been making waves in their hometown as well as across the nation.  Their sound reminds me of the gritty country garage rock that comes from bands like Natural Child, though I think the production quality on these tunes is superior.  The guitars have a nice polish that cleans up the sound, yet it still maintains both the grit and the spirit of what I think the band is trying to accomplish. Their debut self-titled debut will be out on September 24th via Paradise of Bachelors.

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Show Preview: Natural Child @ Red 7 (5/14)

Natural Child

Date 5/14/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9PM
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

It seems like a bit of a slow week for live music in Austin until the weekend so bigger name indie groups like Natural Child should be a must for music lovers.  The show goes down on the inside stage of Red 7 and features a nice opener in the form of Birdcloud.  Coming in at only $10, this seems like a no-brainer if you’re looking for something to do on a Tuesday night.  Of course you know the rock will be brought and fun will be had by all.


Download: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N [MP3]



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