Really Love This Sam Valdez

This new track from Sam Valdez just dropped, and it’s quite an enchanting number, particularly considering all the buzz new Mazzy Star got this week. Valdez shares some similarities with Hope Sandoval, especially in the way her voice seems to have this timeless pop sensibility that’s warm around the edges. Musically, she seems to have dialed into the vast expanse of her home state of Nevada, where at times the desert can seem endless; it leaves her music open and striking. She’s just signed on with Nevado Music to release a new EP, featuring this track, later in the Summer.

New Hit from Eternal Summers

We won’t shy away from our love for Eternal Summers, especially now that they’ve announced their new LP, Every Day It Feels Like I’m Dying. On their latest single, the backbone of the song works over synth guitar lines, with Nicole doing her thing atop the mix. But, what I really love is that they don’t settle for the bread-and-butter pop structures, spinning the song on its head by turning the track into a dreamier realm where vocals still dominate. Some bands just don’t make bad songs, and this is just one of those bands. Look for their new LP on May 4th via Nevado Music.

More From The Wooden Sky

When I hear people say Sturgill Simpson is the only guy currently making quality country music, it pisses me off a bit. Nothing against Sturgill by any means, you simply need to broaden your horizons a bit and step outside the Billboard Charts. To me, Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky are making a very unique style of country music all their own. A sort of psych-rock country music with the incredible vocal stylings of leading man Gavin Gardiner. Call it country or call it what you like, this new track “Black Gold” should hit home for anyone reading this post and hitting play. Hells yeah.

This track appears on new album Swimming in Strange Waters out April 7th via Nevado Music.

The Wooden Sky Return

Man it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky. Maybe it’s for my lack of paying attention, but either way, I’m happy to be sharing this new song from them called “You’re Not Alone”. The track is something you’d get if you combined the best parts of Grizzly Bear with the crazy vocal twang of Sturgil Simpson. It’s a true gem and I’m happy to be reacquainted with the band.

The Wooden Sky will release their new album Swimming in Strange Waters via Nevado Music on April 7th.

New Gringo Star Tune

gringoWe’re in the middle of summer, and we don’t joke around down here in Texas. So, we always need good tune to toss on by the poolside, which is where I can see this new Gringo Star fitting. It’s a really playful pop tune, holding onto little bits of surf and psychedelia…it even includes a tinkling bit of piano to add some extra bounce. The song will appear on the group’s new record, The Sides and In Between, which will be released on August 26th via Nevado Music.

Library Voices Bring Back Classic Indie Rock

lovishI don’t know, but if you were to ask me what a “classic” indie rock period sound was like, it would sound like Library Voices.  It was that period where rock music started to take on tones of Americana, but still adhered to fuzzy production and a DIY aesthetic.  In my mind, it’s the most memorable period, as a whole, as some of my favorite records were birthed during that time, which is perhaps why I’m so in love with this Library Voices track.  The band have had some struggles over the last few years, but isn’t that what crafts the best tunes in the long run? Their album, Lovish, will be released by Nevado Music on November 6th.