Big Bill 7″ Stream + Release Party (2.28)

billyThere’s been great coverage this week for Austin’s Big Bill…local blog Ovrld and national mag, The Big Takeover added to the band’s recent press run. It’s deserved on so many levels, not only just musically, but in its representation of what truly makes Austin “weird.” Our label is releasing the 7″ today, and it will come with a special prize for those of you that order it HERE (it’s like a musical Cracker Jacks!), but you should also come out to End of an Ear on Sunday evening before the Oscars to enjoy a great set celebrating the band’s release. They’ll go on at 5 PM, and we’ll have the 7″ on hand for you to grab. Trust me, this is going to be a great year for all things Bill…so get a head start with this 7″.

Dance Hit from High Functioning Flesh

humanThe last few months I’ve definitely found myself gravitating towards some electronic tunes. Sometimes they’re of the experimental sort, and other times they’re like this new track from High Functioning Flesh, getting me ready for bedroom dancing. The vocals here are definitely dark, almost sterile, but it’s perfectly matched by the rhythmic vibe being let go with the electronic work. It’s a feeling the band are just beginning to explore within their own musical confines, which will hopefully play out on the duo’s new Human Remains 7″; you’ll be able to grab it from Dais Records on February 26th.

Here Comes Big Bill w/ a Brand New 7″

12525445_934355893285127_1640897892190808803_oLast week the ATH Records label was fortunate enough to get a lot of love for our newest release from Big Billover at Impose (you can read the article HERE). There was a discussion on taking on modern gender roles, as well as the band’s penchant for making art/music on their own terms, no matter the cost. Still, it’s important to give the song more love, especially considering it’s a fine piece of punk rock, bred on the history of our fair city and it’s changing landscape. The guitar shuffles perfectly as the cymbals crash in your ear, and Eric Bill delivers his vocals in his distinctive style. We’ll be celebrating the release of the 7″ at End of an Ear on February 28th.

You can also order it HERE if you’re not fortunate enough to live within traveling distance to the local record shop!

Brand New Track from Boys Forever

12487192_1667874550150876_9121168534019131929_oI think there’s a bunch of you out there, or maybe like five, lamenting the wait for new music from Veronica Falls, so while we hang out on that one, let’s rejoice that Patrick is going strong with his new project, Boys Forever. It’s steady bouncing indiepop, including a nice little solo in the middle of the tune that hints at some of Patrick’s other work. This track will be included on a brand new 7″ coming on the brand new label, Amour Foo. Looks like bother are something we should keep our eyes on as the year begins to unfold.

Gritty Indiepop from Romantic States

romanticIn the small world of indiepop, this new single from Romantic States has been making the rounds the last few days, picking up steam and winning us all over. One of the ways the group turns the genre a little on its side is by offering up more distortion in the guitars, giving it the grit mentioned in the title. Sure, the softness from indiepop fans is there, and should be appreciated, but it’s nice to hear it turned up a bit louder than you normally get. This track will appear on the band’s new 7″, which is being released shortly by Nebraskan Coast.

Bouncing Post Punk from UV-TV

uvtvEmotional Response is becoming one of my more reliable go-to labels. They’ve only been around for a short while, but already I’ve been turned onto new bands I wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. This time around, we’re all meeting UV-TV, some of us for the first time. Winning off the bat is the rhythm section, bouncing us into the distorted guitar before the vocals come in to sweep us pop fans away. I love this sort of stuff, as it’s walking the line between indiepop and punk rock, keeping an edge while remaining ultimately catchy. This track is off the band’s new split with Shark Toys, and it’s available now!

Pleased to Meet You: Odd Hope

oddhopeAs of late, I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find things that I hadn’t heard before, or that you haven’t heard before. In that process, I landed upon the extremely fascinating sounds of Odd Hope. It’s the work of Tim Tinderholt, and fame or not, these two songs from his new Brave and Olde 7″ are simply remarkable. There’s an understated quality to them, a simplicity that charms from the minute you press play. I think you’ll find that listening to these two tracks will immediately turn you on to Tim’s work, leaving you with your new favorite artist. I can’t wait to hear more from this guy, but for now I share with you my sweet find. The 7″ is available from Fruits and Flowers.

Misanthropic Death Rock from Shallow Sanction

shallowI didn’t use those adjectives, FYI; they came via the email with this track from Shallow Sanction. Feel like I need to put out a harder-edge today since I’ve been mostly dwelling in really rad pop music all week. I mean, I’m not sure about the death rock, but there’s definitely a bit of danger lurking on this tune…either from the feedback that shrilly blasts your eardrums or the explosive breakdown where it sounds like the band’s spinning out of control. You’ll hear this song on a new 7″ the band are releasing with Alter on November 27th.

Fresh Pop from Borrowed Beams of Light

unnamedEver get one of those pop tunes that just grabs you by the ears and won’t let you go? That’s my feeling when I listen to the latest single from Borrowed Beams of Light. It’s got a really steady indie rock sound, casually laying down some modern Spoon cum Glasgow riffage, then turning on the emotional pull with this rising/falling vocal performance that kicks off around the one-minute mark. Seriously, just wait and I promise you’ll be hooked too. It’s the B Side to the band’s new 7″ on WarHen Records, so be sure to support great pop.

Hear the New Night Flowers B-Side

nightflowersI really enjoyed the A-Side from Night Flowers, so it seems fitting that I would enjoy the B-Side, amirite? This track is a pretty polished pop number, peaking near the levels where we found Pains of Being Pure at Heart on their last album. The edges of shoegaze are removed to reveal crisp riffs and airy vocals that all pop fans will find touching. Feel like it’s got this wistful attitude that should take you perfectly into your weekend endeavors, whatever they may be; it’s all about that spirit. You can grab their Sleep // Sitting Pretty 7″ today in your local shoppes.

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