New Music from Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures

wakefieldThese pop aficionados have been working together rather closely of late, so much so that they’re basically one band….one that I’m definitely enjoying.  Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures are in the midst of recording yet another album for Fika Recordings, but in the meantime, they’re offering up this brand new 7″ to sample some of the work.  It’s a playful number, but not in the oddity sense, just in the cheery mood flowing through your speakers. A great tune for a great day here in August, so figured you should have the ability to enjoy it yourself.



ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet Pleasers

pleasersIt’s been a pretty awesome week for new Austinite Matthew Melton; we ran a single from some of his solo work, and now we’ve got his new project, Pleasers.  We should probably give a shout out to his bandmate Ben Tipton too, who is responsible for a great deal of rock n’ roll goings on in this city.  Together they have united, crafting a nice blend of Melton’s power pop songwriting and a little bit of punk rock, all in line to prep a new 7″ that will hit later this summer on Southpaw Records. Keep an eye out here guys, and don’t listen to the people saying the city is dying, as bands this good just keep popping up.

Fall In Love with Double Denim

doubledIf you love the song below, you better jump on over to Art Is Hard Records to pick it up, as they’re keeping the run on this new Double Denim 7″ really small…only 25 hand-cut copies.  It’s bedroom pop for sure, but it’s the perfect sort; there’s this great little wash over the vocals, with just enough of a beat to propel the song through it’s meandering Captured Tracks-esque guitar lines.  It’s brevity will keep you coming back again and again to fall in love with it just as much as I did.  He’s also got this wonderful little EP on Bandcamp too.


Download: Double Denim – Wide Open [MP3]

EZTV Sign with Captured Tracks

ezWhen Captured Tracks signs a new act, I generally take notice as they’ve become one of my favorite labels to follow.  So, when they announced that they had grabbed EZTV for a new 7″, I immediately pressed play and fell in love.  For some reason, the guitar work sounds rather reminiscent of Television; it’s crisp and angular, then filled in by some really soft vocal tones.  This is a sound that’s rather fond to my heart, offering just enough rock n’ roll with classic pop ballad nods.  The label will release the band’s Dust in the Sky 7″ on April 28th, and let’s hope we hear even more from them in the future.

Did You Miss This Talbot Adams?

talbotsMississippi’s Talbot Adams is a secret gem for many, and I owe a debt of thanks to Finest Kiss for first turning me on to his work awhile back.  He just released this incredible new 7″ via Market Square Recordings, and if you trust International mail-order, then you’ll have to have this in your collection.  It’s the perfect piece of pop music, filling in the negative space with a little buzz in your ear, while Talbot carefully plods along with his incredibly casual vocal performance.  The B-Side has an even dreamier aspect to it, harkening back to an era when pop music felt more innocent.  Just stream this 7″ and be happy to be alive.

Celebrate the Life of Mikey Hodges with the Memories Latest

memorySadly, Mikey Hodges, the man behind Pop Zeus, as well as on-again off-again drummer for the Memories, was killed in a tragic accident in December.  But, the Memories are offering a glimpse at his work with a 7″ they recorded with Mikey back in 2013.  It’s a short 7″ being released by Wharf Cat Records, and both the songs are a great look at what the band accomplished during their time working with Mikey.  If you love the song, you should pick it up soon, as all proceeds will be going directly to his family during their time of need.

Chilled Pop from Hooton Tennis Club

hortonhootonFeel like today should is taking a turn towards all things European, so why not keep that going with the latest buzz act out of Liverpool, Hooton Tennis Club. Overseas they’re getting this weird lo-fi buzz, but while the style might fit, they’re playing is actually pretty tight-knit, making this song successful on many levels; it’s got a new classic sound, but it’s executed enthusiastically, so I can get behind the buzz in this case.  You’ll be able to pick this song up on the band’s new 7″; it’s being released by Heavenly Recordings on February 24th.



New Indiepop Gem from The Popguns

091jacketIt seems like it’s been far too long since our friends at Matinee Recordings have unleashed something new on the masses, but they’re now ready with the much anticipated return of The Popguns.  The Brighton act had largely been quiet until the last few years, tweaking their line-up a tad, and writing their first new material in 18 years.  This single below is the feature on the group’s Lovejunky EP; the shimmering guitar work has this attraction you can’t deny and Wendy’s voice has this matured innocence to it that’s inescapable.  You’ll be able to get your hands on one of the rare cherry red 7″, numbered by hand, but you better act quick because songs like this get a lot of love.


Download: The Popguns – Lovejunky [MP3]

Talk in Tongues Ready 7″

titI love the birth of new bands, like that of Talk in Tongues.  I’m into it because I’m a fan of progression, seeing where an artist or group goes from one point to another.  It’ll be really interesting to see where this act goes, as they’re just readying their first 7″ for Fairfax Recordings. For a first single, it’s pretty spot on, sonically.  The drums sound great, and I love the warmth of the vocals.  But, what I’m hearing from the guitars has me curious as to the group’s next steps, as they walk a line between dream pop and psychedelia.  For now, just enjoy yourself this little number, and grab the 7″ on November 25th.

Ballad from DMAs

dmasThere’s not a whole lot to this track, especially in its opening moments, as it’s strummed guitar and vocals.  That’s the back to basics approach that Australia’s DMAs are offering up today, which is actually a pretty nice little jam.  There’s a hint of percussion added on the back end of the tune, but for the most part, this is just a really simple ballad; who doesn’t love a good ballad?  There’s some touches in the tune showing that the band has room to play, musically speaking, but for now we can just enjoy the simplicity here.  This tune will feature on a 7″ from Mom + Pop in Novemeber.

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