Gritty Indiepop from Romantic States

romanticIn the small world of indiepop, this new single from Romantic States has been making the rounds the last few days, picking up steam and winning us all over. One of the ways the group turns the genre a little on its side is by offering up more distortion in the guitars, giving it the grit mentioned in the title. Sure, the softness from indiepop fans is there, and should be appreciated, but it’s nice to hear it turned up a bit louder than you normally get. This track will appear on the band’s new 7″, which is being released shortly by Nebraskan Coast.

Bouncing Post Punk from UV-TV

uvtvEmotional Response is becoming one of my more reliable go-to labels. They’ve only been around for a short while, but already I’ve been turned onto new bands I wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. This time around, we’re all meeting UV-TV, some of us for the first time. Winning off the bat is the rhythm section, bouncing us into the distorted guitar before the vocals come in to sweep us pop fans away. I love this sort of stuff, as it’s walking the line between indiepop and punk rock, keeping an edge while remaining ultimately catchy. This track is off the band’s new split with Shark Toys, and it’s available now!

Pleased to Meet You: Odd Hope

oddhopeAs of late, I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find things that I hadn’t heard before, or that you haven’t heard before. In that process, I landed upon the extremely fascinating sounds of Odd Hope. It’s the work of Tim Tinderholt, and fame or not, these two songs from his new Brave and Olde 7″ are simply remarkable. There’s an understated quality to them, a simplicity that charms from the minute you press play. I think you’ll find that listening to these two tracks will immediately turn you on to Tim’s work, leaving you with your new favorite artist. I can’t wait to hear more from this guy, but for now I share with you my sweet find. The 7″ is available from Fruits and Flowers.

Misanthropic Death Rock from Shallow Sanction

shallowI didn’t use those adjectives, FYI; they came via the email with this track from Shallow Sanction. Feel like I need to put out a harder-edge today since I’ve been mostly dwelling in really rad pop music all week. I mean, I’m not sure about the death rock, but there’s definitely a bit of danger lurking on this tune…either from the feedback that shrilly blasts your eardrums or the explosive breakdown where it sounds like the band’s spinning out of control. You’ll hear this song on a new 7″ the band are releasing with Alter on November 27th.

Fresh Pop from Borrowed Beams of Light

unnamedEver get one of those pop tunes that just grabs you by the ears and won’t let you go? That’s my feeling when I listen to the latest single from Borrowed Beams of Light. It’s got a really steady indie rock sound, casually laying down some modern Spoon cum Glasgow riffage, then turning on the emotional pull with this rising/falling vocal performance that kicks off around the one-minute mark. Seriously, just wait and I promise you’ll be hooked too. It’s the B Side to the band’s new 7″ on WarHen Records, so be sure to support great pop.

Hear the New Night Flowers B-Side

nightflowersI really enjoyed the A-Side from Night Flowers, so it seems fitting that I would enjoy the B-Side, amirite? This track is a pretty polished pop number, peaking near the levels where we found Pains of Being Pure at Heart on their last album. The edges of shoegaze are removed to reveal crisp riffs and airy vocals that all pop fans will find touching. Feel like it’s got this wistful attitude that should take you perfectly into your weekend endeavors, whatever they may be; it’s all about that spirit. You can grab their Sleep // Sitting Pretty 7″ today in your local shoppes.

New Music from Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures

wakefieldThese pop aficionados have been working together rather closely of late, so much so that they’re basically one band….one that I’m definitely enjoying.  Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures are in the midst of recording yet another album for Fika Recordings, but in the meantime, they’re offering up this brand new 7″ to sample some of the work.  It’s a playful number, but not in the oddity sense, just in the cheery mood flowing through your speakers. A great tune for a great day here in August, so figured you should have the ability to enjoy it yourself.



ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet Pleasers

pleasersIt’s been a pretty awesome week for new Austinite Matthew Melton; we ran a single from some of his solo work, and now we’ve got his new project, Pleasers.  We should probably give a shout out to his bandmate Ben Tipton too, who is responsible for a great deal of rock n’ roll goings on in this city.  Together they have united, crafting a nice blend of Melton’s power pop songwriting and a little bit of punk rock, all in line to prep a new 7″ that will hit later this summer on Southpaw Records. Keep an eye out here guys, and don’t listen to the people saying the city is dying, as bands this good just keep popping up.

Fall In Love with Double Denim

doubledIf you love the song below, you better jump on over to Art Is Hard Records to pick it up, as they’re keeping the run on this new Double Denim 7″ really small…only 25 hand-cut copies.  It’s bedroom pop for sure, but it’s the perfect sort; there’s this great little wash over the vocals, with just enough of a beat to propel the song through it’s meandering Captured Tracks-esque guitar lines.  It’s brevity will keep you coming back again and again to fall in love with it just as much as I did.  He’s also got this wonderful little EP on Bandcamp too.


Download: Double Denim – Wide Open [MP3]

EZTV Sign with Captured Tracks

ezWhen Captured Tracks signs a new act, I generally take notice as they’ve become one of my favorite labels to follow.  So, when they announced that they had grabbed EZTV for a new 7″, I immediately pressed play and fell in love.  For some reason, the guitar work sounds rather reminiscent of Television; it’s crisp and angular, then filled in by some really soft vocal tones.  This is a sound that’s rather fond to my heart, offering just enough rock n’ roll with classic pop ballad nods.  The label will release the band’s Dust in the Sky 7″ on April 28th, and let’s hope we hear even more from them in the future.

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