One More From Suburban Living

Look, Nathan and I have really been looking forward to this new Suburban Living album coming out next month, so much so, that it seems appropriate to share yet another new tune from the LP. This one, called “Dirt”, is a bit of a slow brooding, more synth heavy number when compared to some of the brighter, guitar driven sounds we’ve grown to love from the band. The brightness is still there, but maybe just a bit more subtle and further back in the mix. Needless to say, we think you should be picking up How to Be Human when it drops on August 28th via Egghunt Records.

Anjimile Releases Maker

Prepare yourself for a special single here, with the latest from Boston’s Anjimile coming along with the announcement of Giver Taker for Father/Daughter Records. At first, they reel you in with the powerful vocal performance, mostly working operatic notes over a quieted picking of guitar notes. My fascination grew, like a traditional linear plot. The song begins to build in light rhythm/percussion; you get some small layered conflicts via little flourishes in the distance, then the song begins to roll forward, still propelled by voice. The 2.5 minute mark reaches the song’s climaxes before it all begins to subside, ending abruptly and fading out. Giver Taker will be out on September 18th.

Brooding Pop From Ganser

Chicago based quartet Ganser has been slowly releasing some new singles from their upcoming sophomore album entitled Just Look at That Sky. We’ve slept on the previously dropped track, but I’d be failing you if I didn’t get this new one, “Emergency Equipment & Exits” into your ear holes. It is a stunning, epic piece of brooding pop music which screams post-punk at the height of the genre, but also features this extended, dramatic build out for over 2 minutes. This should definitely be on your list as a banger for 2020.

Ganser will release Just Look at That Sky on July 31st via Felte.

Welcome Back Radical Dads

It’s been quite some time, five years to be exact, since we last posted about NYC founded group Radical Dads. It looks like we missed out on a single from last year, but other than that, the band has stayed relatively quiet having moved to different parts of the country. Despite their extreme distance from each other, the veteran trio managed to write and record an 8 song album out now entitled Paved Mountain. As a preview of the new album, the band is sharing this new single called “Institution” which should definitely entice you into checking out the entire LP. Let’s call it an official return to form for our old favorites Radical Dads. You can stream their entire new album over on bandcamp.

Cocktails Share Bun E. Carlos Single

One thing you’ve got to do if you’re going to reference Bun E. Carlos in a song title is you better make damn sure that your track’s catchy and full of pop hooks. Lucky for you and Cocktails, the band have concocted their own swaggering pop rock anthem, perfect for you to enjoy all those daydreams staring out your window wishing you were having fun down at the beach with your mates. Looks like Patrick gets a little vocal help from Lauren (of Seablite) and others to really blend that warm melody into the songs hook. If you want to turn it up and rock n’ roll, be ready to grab Catastrophic Entertainment, which drops on July 1st.

Photo Ops Announce Pure at Heart

Always one of our favorite local Austin labels, Western Vinyl have just added Photo Ops to their roster…and announced the release of Pure at Heart. Terry Price is the songwriter behind the project, originally from Texas, he’s bounced his way through Nashville and now on to LA. “Play On” is an optimistic and energetic tune, an ode to what Price calls “the power pop side of my vision for the record.” It definitely has that natural bounce to it, and the thematic view is that despite the “strange times” we can kind of push forward and hopefully find some positivity on the horizon; its okay to feel shitty, but with music we get a little bit of light…so I hope. Pure at Heart is out on September 18th.

Plants and Animals Return Again

Over the year we’ve talked quite a bit about Montreal based band Plants and Animals, but the group seemingly goes away for a few years after releasing new music. Last we heard from the guys, they released the underrated album Waltzed in From the Rumbling way back in 2016. Well they are returning again in 2020 with this new single called “Sacrifice” which has caused me stop everything I’m doing and listen to this jam over and over again. It moves at an absolutely frantic pace, leading up to some drastic break downs and powerful vocal performances. This is exactly what I needed today.

Plants and Animals will release this song as part of a new album coming sometime in 2020.

It’s Time You Listen To Sorry

If you have yet to check out the young, up and coming folks in London based Sorry, it is now time for you to do so. After the release of their new album 925 a couple of weeks ago, the band now have this new single with accompanying video for album track “Perfect”. For me, this perfectly encapsulates the raw sounds of a band who can take darker genres like goth/new wave and seamlessly intertwine them with more pop oriented sounds. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a band who buck trends to create something completely their own.

I suggest you pick up the stellar new album 925 from Domino right now!

Stutter Steps Announces Reeling

The last time we heard from Ben Harrison and Stutter Steps was back in 2017 with the Floored EP; today we’re excited to share the news that the new LP, Reeling, is just around the corner. Upon first listen, there’s this wonderful timelessness that seems to resonate in the album’s first single; it’s got this careful bounce and this guitar sound that seems steeped in the history of rock n’ roll songwriting. I love how Harrison’s voice adds in this warm texture, matched by the melody that bubbles up from some sort of keyboard; there’s a fullness that comes from the way Harrison built up the sound throughout this tune. Look for Reeling on May 1st via Blue Arrow Records. (Photo by Noah Purdy)

Even as We Speak Announce Adelphi

Indiepop fans owe a debt of gratitude to Shelflife this year; they’ve already given us new music from Close Lobsters and now they’ve announced the long-awaited brand new LP from Even as We Speak. The group were one of the torchbearers for the heralded Sarah Records…but they went quiet in the early 90s until a reemergence in 2016 with a couple of shows and a new EP. Now we get a new record on the horizon, so we’ll start with this delightful single they’ve offered up. It opens with this swirling strummed guitar and a light-hearted stomp, allowing vocalist Mary to bring the song’s melody into focus with her voice; they work their charms for a good bit, but quickly take that churning indiepop and move it into a synth-driven sugary pop treat. They bounce back and forth between the two structures, accomplished so seamlessly that you hardly notice the studied variance until you press repeat because you simply can’t get the song out of your head. Adelphi drops on June 26th via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

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