Lavasocks Records Announce Adult Books LP

Lately I’ve just been super overwhelmed by tons of things, so I’ve definitely traveled down the pop punk days of my youth, with no shame, mind you. Today, in a day where everything feels shattered for a teacher, Texan, father, this song’s just hitting the right notes. It feels like the sort of tune I’ll get stuck in my head, and just take a drive to scream it at the top of my lungs. Adult School have the hooks and the energy, and sometimes, that’s all you’re looking for in a good pop punk jam. They’ll drop their No Party LP this July via Lavasock Records.

Living Hour Announce New LP + Release Single w/ Jay Som

I have a feeling that if you’re writing about best tunes for the week, this new Living Hour track definitely has to be up there (if not, one of my favorite tunes of the month). I got hooked on the crashing guitar opening, but love the contrast as the tune quickly slides into a more mellow space, leaving lots of room for notes to ring sharply in your ears, allowing all those notes and vocals to kind of hang in the air. All that said, the song eventually slides back into the heavier notes, but I love how the mix keeps it heavy, though quiet; the vocals still have their dreaminess, even when coated with the distortion. A perfect balance between fragility and noise awaits you. The group will release their new LP, Someday is Today via Kanine in September.

Cola Drop Fulton Park Video

I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with the new Cola album, which will be out at the end of this Week. Today, the band dropped the video for “Fulton Park,” which is one of the tunes I kept going back to as I listened to the LP. There’s this clever little plodding bounce to it; it’s kind of like a happy circle pit, but it’s broken up by this sort of sputtering noise with Tim Darcy’s voice draped over the downward spiral. Something about this tune just felt more imaginative, more thoughtful in its purposeful unfolding than I think we got before, illustrating that Cola definitely have some tricks up their sleeve. Look for Deep in View on Friday via Fire Talk.

Alex Dupree Announces Thieves LP

Alex Dupree has some roots down in Texas; Austin to be precise; you can definitely feel the history of the state bleeding through his new single, even if he’s found himself relocated to California. There’s great storytelling, which reminds me of sitting around listening to Merle or Townes with my father, or maybe sitting with my own kids doing the same. For me, while I love Alex’s performance, I’m really drawn to the arrangements on this tune; they take the intimacy to the next level, tugging those heartstrings and giving the song longevity that will keep you coming back to it for years to come. Thieves will drop July 15th via our friends at Keeled Scales.

Wombo Announce Fairy Rust LP

Wombo were one of the top 5 bands on my list to catch during SXSW, and their songs live were pretty spectacular, so I’m stoked to finally hear the news of their new Fairy Rust LP. It’s not a far cry from what’s going on in the indie sphere, bringing a bit of that sort of indifferent vocal drawl into angular post-rock grooves. I think listening to the rhythm section, it’s clear that the band build up this natural anxiousness; they always feel on the cusp of breaking out into something chaotic, though as we see here, Sydney Chadwick tethers them to more atmospheric realms. Excited to hear what all Fairy Rust has to offer; it’s out July 29th via Fire Talk.

Stella Donnelly Shares Lungs + Announces New Record

In my opinion, Stella Donnelly is an absolute powerhouse, and I’m hoping with the announcement of Flood that she really starts to get the deserved attention here in the States. On her last record, it felt like sort of a more traditional singer-songwriter affair, though the songs were buoyed with great arrangements, not to mention Stella’s playfulness. But, earlier this year, Stella featured on Methyl Ethel‘s “Proof” single, which was an absolute banger. Perhaps we should have taken note, as this new single seems a little more intent on a similar production, using driving beats and natural hooks to set up the core of the song. Her wordplay is still clever as ever, so it doesn’t sound like you’re losing anything; you just get to see a great songwriter blossoming further into the every day name we fully expected her to be. Her new LP, Flood, will be out in August via Secretly Canadian.

I Was a King Share Here at Last

One of the bands I’ve always quietly cherished and pushed on these pages is Norway’s I Was a King; they just dropped a brand new track with mention of a new record on the horizon. This song still has a familiar guitar sound, which comes as no surprise, though I’ll admit it’s a little bit more tilted towards the psychedelic/paisley tendencies (not that I mind one bit!). Time and time again, the warmth of the vocals just feel like they’re hugging me closely, holding me to let me know everything in the world’s going to be alright; the band feels like they’ve encountered the restlessness of the world and chosen to instead choose tranquility…and most excellent pop melodies. Their new LP Follow Me Home is expected in the Fall.

Mountain Time Release Meet The Kid

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ATX legend Chris Simpson and his large catalogue of music with Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper, and tons of other local groups. Over the last few years, Simpson has turned his focus to a more singer/songwriter folk style of music with his project Mountain Time. If you didn’t pick up his “best of” or song collection of solo music from last year, Saint Francis, Zookeeper, well you should really grab a copy. This year Chris is working on a new album for a planned release next year, but in the meantime he’s shared this new single “Meet the Kid”. As has come to be expected, Simpson displays his keen ability to construct a near perfect folk inspired, American pop tune. Dig it.

Borzoi Drop Passing Single

Just as I’m lamenting the scene in our hometown, Borzoi pop up with a new single to wake me from my Austin doldrums. Be warned, turning this up at high volume is likely to lead to momentary delirium. The rhythmic section alone has this incredible push and pull to it, like the heavy swaying of a crowd on the verge of cathartic eruption. Hitting heavy at the front, they turn that into this almost playful angular moment right after the one-minute mark, hanging high upon the rafters of that pulsing rhythm. Why this band isn’t the most notable in town I don’t know, but we look forward to hearing more…as we’re still awaiting news on the follow-up to A Prayer for War (12XU)…and this may or may not feature on that release.

Dehd Drop Empty in My Mind Single

I know there’s that new Black Keys track, and Angel Olsen, but as far as the heavy-hitters in the indie sphere, I’m still a Dehd stan. Their newest album, Blue Skies, definitely seems like they’re mixing things up from their earlier releases, adding in more textures and flexing some of their musicality. I love Emily’s performance here; it’s definitely working with her distinctive tones, but there’s something a touch more playful, especially when the guitar notes twist and bend around. All in all, this might be one of my favorite tracks off the new LP, so be sure to keep your eyes on them as they prep for a huge tour throughout May; the new LP drops via Fat Possum on May 27th.

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