Lars Finberg Shares Satanic Exit

While Lars Finberg is most likely associated with the Intelligence (and deservedly so) and A Frames, his solo work seems to be taking on this incredible life of its own. This track from his forthcoming record is not quite a rocker, but not quite an electronic eargasm…it’s somewhere happily inbetween. Slight percussive upticks effectively change the tempo, but Finberg stalks through the song like some circus ringleader, orchestrating this sort of brilliant post-punk fuzz rock. Plus, just as a big fuck you to us all, he throws down a rocking 25 seconds to close the song out. This tune appears on the forthcoming Tinnitus Tonight, out November 27th by Mt. St. Mtn.

The Bats Share Gone to Ground Video

You can’t really start a Friday of new music off if you don’t cover that new Bats tune can you? No. You just can’t. So here we are, enjoying the promise of a 10th LP on the horizon, and a wonderfully solemn pop tune from Robert Scott and company. While its easy to revel in the dark simplicity of this tune, I was really connected when the light vocal accompaniment comes in during the chorus; it gives you that melodic nod while also bringing in a sense of longing. For me, that’s where that joy is…that sense of seeking something out, knowing it exists and feeling like it holds the rewards of the world…and such is the promise of Bats tune. Foothills will be out via Flying Nun on November 13th.

Stream The Very Most’s New LP, Needs Help

There’s a big bunch of indiepop fans that have been clamoring for the Very Most‘s new LP, and now that it has finally come to fruition, I’d like to highlight the occasion by streaming the album for you! Needs Help works on so many levels; you can relate it to the fact that Jeremy Jensen felt his songs need the help of other vocalists, or maybe you relate to the various reflections on the difficulties we all face when we try “to change our life for the better.” Musically, it hits a lot of the sweet pop notes I adore. “Her Three Year Old Laugh…” offers some great Belle and Sebastian nods, while “To Just Be Good” reminds me of The Popguns with dense arrangements and twinkling melodic vocals. Personally, the song I’ve listened to the most the last couple of days is “Mirasticles,” and I think that’s one of the great things about this LP as it seems to cover so many bases for huge pop nerds like myself. It’s available to you via Lost Sound Tapes!

Chris Smith Shares Second Hand Smoke Video

Chris Smith just released his brand new album Second Hand Smoke, and since records never die, we’re encouraging your attention by sharing this video that accompanies the album’s title track. In the video, you’ve got this colorful stop-motion footage, seemingly matching every stretch and stomp of the guitar. The song reeks of a swampy blues, raw and barbaric, with guitar lines snaking around your speakers as sounds of the lonely desert echo through your brain. As for the rest of the record, its as if Smith has just split his chest open with a knife and let his guts spill out before you; you’ll be greeted by an emotional album that will haunt the rest of your day. I’ve been really enjoying “Sunny” and “Animal;” you can find it now via It Records.

Mdou Moctar Signs with Matador Records

If you browsed through some of the more reputable end of year lists in 2019, I hope you caught Ilana: the Creator in some of those, as Mdou Moctar left us with a release that have very few peers in the grand scheme of things. Today, the Tuareg guitarist celebrates signing to Matador Records by sharing a brand new single, which should appear on a brand new LP slated for next year. The skill set in guitar work is phenomenal; its what I imagine folks who like King Gizzard would enjoy if they had less boring tastes. Mdou explains how the song is about how we lose ourselves in the midst of relationships, allowing envy and jealousy to control our lives; he hopes the he does not succumb to such a way of being. Just check this fire!

The Spits Return with VI

I’m always down to listen a new record from the Spits; it only seems fitting that they announce a new record during the month of October, as they’ve always had this sort of spooky element to their sound. Buzzing guitars drive the song, almost marching towards the track’s finished on the back of precision drumming. There’s this dense fuzz encircling this tune, building in that sort of suffocating feeling while the vocals howl from deep within the cavern of the song. Any day you get one new track from the Spits is a plus, but a second one can be heard hopping over HERE. VI will be out on October 30th!

Did You Know the Resonars Have a New Album

I’ve always been a big Resonars fan, as this site can surely attest. I’m a little late to this, but wanted to make sure you all knew that you can listen to an entire new album from the band fronted by Matt Rendon. I think it would be easy to lump the band with the reemergence of psychedelia over the last decade, but Disappear really offers the perfect blend of what really seems to drive Rendon’s songwriting. For me, it feels more like the pop side of the British Invasion, though I’ll admit there’s some thunderous drumming throughout the record’s entirety. This whole record is like that perfect sunny day album you and your friends horde and pass around, like the best kept secret you don’t want anyone to know about because its so entirely special. Personally, I want you to listen to it; I’ll even tell you to listen to my favorite track “You Were There!” There will be a vinyl version of this coming out in the Winter, so keep an eye, but just enjoy Disappear now!

Driving Tune From Famous Letter Writer

It is highly likely that you have never heard of New York based duo Famous Letter Writer, but I am here today to offer an introduction of sorts. For me, the best sort of introduction is to simply offer a tune for your ears, and surprise, here’s the latest from the band called “Warhol/Warhola”. Upon first listen, I was immediately struck by the unique and engaging vocal delivery style of leading man M.I. Devine. Those sort of jerky, powerful vocals paired with electronic, garage rock music have somehow melded together perfectly to create something sort of strange, but all together something the band can call their own.

The Very Most Announce Needs Help LP

It seems like the musical world and the weather in Texas have collided to create the perfect moment for The Very Most to announce their new album. The song’s got this spritely spirit, the sort that will assuredly drawn comparisons to other like-minded indiepop acts…and that’s just fine. My favorite bit comes just after the 2 minute mark, where a female foil comes into play a vocal counterpoint; it creates a nice melodic touch that really helps the song bounce its way to euphoric close…and couldn’t we all use that!?. Dammit if I don’t love good pop tunes. Needs Help will be out on October 9th!

Jumpei Kamiya Shares New Single

Japanese composer Jumpei Kamiya is undertaking an interesting album, not too far off from various projects that have bubbled to the top amid this global pandemic. He’s crafted an album worth of songs, allowing talented vocalists to write lyrics and sing on his tracks. The first single from the release features Yuga; you’re definitely going to want to stick around for the entirety. At first, it definitely has this sort of elegance, building this trance with Yuga’s voice. Just as the 1.5 minute mark strikes, the song quietly erupts, dropping in this slight atmosphere to sweep you up in the tune’s emotion. Just wanted to hit you with a striking tune first thing in the morning!

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