Stream Pet Owner’s Natural Behavior

I’ve spent the last few months encouraging you to spend some time with Switzerland’s Pet Owner, and now, you can stream the project’s new album, Natural Behaviour in its entirety. We’ve previously covered tracks “Hi-Res” and “Helping Hand,” but rest assured you can dive into all sorts of vibes; I know I’ve been gravitating towards “Soft Body” on my listens, but the slow build of “Sugar Rush” isn’t a bad route to travel either. Take a little bit of time out of your day right now, kick back and enjoy the craft of Lea Mathis and her Pet Owner project.

The Smashing Times Share Lost, When I Remember

One of the records I picked up last week was the forthcoming LP from Smashing Times, and today there’s another new single out there that illustrates the group’s musical growth. You can hear sort of a late 60s psychedelia in the guitar work, just hanging in the twang, but the vocals definitely feel like they’ve been chiseled out of early 90s Britain. So you get this interesting juxtaposition, putting melodic pop balladry right alongside the smoke-filled rooms of the past; I’m totally digging on the mixture of the two, kind of like traveling through time in a kaleidoscope of rad sounds. Bloom is out in late October via Meritorio Records.

Stream Skinny Dippers The Town & the City

We’ve covered a majority of the single from Skinny Dippers new LP, and well, it dropped last week, so we wanted to be sure that you were reminded to spend some time with The Town & the City. When it opens, you get some light guitar pop, akin to acts like Real Estate, drawing light melodies from the vocals to build your interest. But, what makes the entirety of the record so rewarding is that Ryan Gross has no problem switching gears, offering the lonesome ballad of “Big City, Small Apartement” before bouncing off to classic indie pop vibes with “Past Selves.” But, be sure you don’t ignore the album closer, “I Would Like to Say I Always Loved You,” which might be the best song Nada Surf never wrote. Anyways, stream it below, and enjoy!

Submotile Shares Foreshadowing Single

Dublin’s Submotile aren’t quite content with rehashing the past or touching up on fads regarding the shoegaze genre. Instead, they seem to have taken notes, then said “fuck it” and crafted their own vibe, which is both powerful and refreshing. Starting off running, you get this propulsive rhythm pounding the beat with cascading guitars working in the background; it starts to evolve into a really heavy post-rock soundscape vibe, which makes the drop in all the more special. Noise swirling, vocals come in, melodic and cool, crafted in such a way that it almost feels like another layer gets built into the complex fabric. Personally, the back and forth between the noisier elements and pop hooks is what just tugs at me, so I’m all in for the band’s new LP. One Final Summit Before the Fall will be out on October 21st via modern legends Shelflife Records.


Fujiya and Miyagi Drop Slight Variations

There’s no shame in getting a little bounce in your step on a Wednesday, and who better than to slide into your dance routine than Fujiya and Miyagi. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the band in years, until news began to circulate of a new record, so I went back and broke out the jams. This new single is just what the band are known to do, working in a propulsive groove that’s got just enough kick to it, then letting some nuanced tricks tickle your fancy as the song moves along; there’s a little guitar shuffle here, thicker beat there and maybe a vocal layer; it all works to slide you into those dancing shoes. Their new album, Slight Variations is out on September 30th via Impossible Objects of Desire.

Robert Sotelo Announces Indoors LP + Shares Caught in a Shape

Last year’s Celebrant LP from Robert Sotelo was a magnificent collection of tunes, and today we have news that there’s a companion album ready for release this September via Upset the Rhythm. Our first sample has a nice synth driven narration, driving the tune in this light-hearted electronic world, washed with warm colors that coat the robotic nature. Take that touch, mix it with the melodic rise and fall of the vocals, and find that you’re given an electronic jam that feels more organic than mechanistic. Things feel buoyant and filled with the promise of another brilliant release on the books; Indoors will be out on September 16th.

Junior Boys Announce Waiting Game; Share Night Walk Vid

It’s been a handful of years since we last heard from Junior Boys, and in that time, a lot has happened to us all. So, as you’ll hear, things have changed for the band too, moving from their beat-driven vibes to a more contemplative realm. The opening moment almost feels like its going to drop in a huge hook…and that likely would be okay, but they switch it on us. The song opens up, studying the genre, toying with pace and our expectations. Many will likely draw soundtrack comparisons, but in this presentation, it feels purposeful, almost meditative, allowing listener to bathe in the composition. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of their new album, Waiting Game, has to offer us all; it drops on October 28th via City Slang.

Adults Share Things We Achieve

Not going to lie, with school kicking off this week, and coaching volleyball, I’ve been a bit behind the gun in terms of catching up on all the sweet tunes dropping here and there. But, I saw this Adults jam hit, and I wasn’t going to let that pass by. A little roll in, a nice shouted sample, then the band rushes off, running full spring through this spirited burst of pop rock. You’ve settled into the joyous nature, then the 1:37 marker hits and the song turns, hitting even more furiously as it chases down that finish line, though still keeping that melody bobbing. The band will be dropping their debut, For Everything, Always, this October via Fika Recordings.

Cool Sounds Drop 6 or 7 More Video

First notes from Cool Sounds latest single definitely serve to remind us that the band has switched gears, digging out from the jangle pop side of the realm in order to give us a little more of a hip-shaking vibe. Pumping in a funky R&B groove right off the bat to set this song up is perfect, you’re instantly transported to a solid strut down the street, giving out high fives and hand shakes with confidence. Once the vocals kick to match up with the shuffling riffs, things continue to get funkier, almost spinning towards disco, albeit one with just a little bit of punk ethos thrown into keep the kids coming back. Add in that female vocal with its retro robotic nature and this song takes on futuristic and R&B and spins it into a new wile web. Like That will be out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Peel Dream Magazine Announces Pad

With two striking releases on Slumberland, it’s high time Peel Dream Magazine go for the trifecta, and it looks like that’s on the agenda, as the band today announce Pad. That said, those looking for a repeat of early successes will find the sound’s pushing in an entirely different direction. There’s still that faint hint of a synthetic backbone, though it hangs as more of a backdrop on this first single. In exchange, we get something that feels a little bit like our own frolic in a world created by the artist; in a sense, it feels like an adventurous take on a symphony, adding a bit of playfulness to the art. Definitely will be interesting to hear how the rest of the effort shapes up; Pad drops via Slumberland/Tough Love on October 7th.

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