Stream Verandan’s New EP

If you do choose to follow these pages, then you’ve likely seen Verandan pop up rather frequently the last few months. It’s important to note, especially for me, that this is the latest project from Ville Hopponen of Cats on Fire fame (a personal fave). Through six times you’ll find yourself enamored with the casual pop vibes, though be sure to pay close attention to the fragility that seems to lurk on tracks like “Inland Sea.” You’ll also be able to find your own personal escape on “Follow the Money,” or turn up the energy with the indifferently upbeat “A Pleasant View.” The self-titled EP just came out over in Finland via our faves Soliti.

Another Beautiful Entry from Verandan

A few months back I brought you insider trading news that Harry Kane’s favorite label Soliti Music would be releasing a new EP from Verandan. Today, there’s a sprawling collage opus to enhance your day, cerebrally. There’s a huge usage of negative space, drawing the emotion from the listener rather than forcing it upon us. I’m perhaps most captivated by the intimacy of the voice, almost like a gentle whisper shared solely for me…reminds me a lot of the sorely missed Gravenhurst. Take a moment of your day to make it better all around; look for the EP on October 9th.

Stream New Indiepop from We The Pigs

I’m always scouring for dreamy pop and upbeat indiepop numbers to share…mostly because that’s my wheelhouse, listening-wise. Luckily, this new EP from We. The Pigs just went live via their label Discos de Kirlian, which happens to offer up the best of both sides. The openers is a little bit dreamy, with a shimmering wash of atmospherics in the background. But, next on “Too Young” you’ll find the slightly jangling chords and a sparkling vocal performance…some male vocals join in on this tune too. I don’t want to give too much away but I know the indiepop fans are going to eat this EP up; order it HERE.

Powerful Number From CREO

Well now that’s an introduction to a band. Yes this new song called “Subtitles For X, Y, Z” is proving as a very strong first step forward for Sydney based outfit CREO. It’s rare to find a song which seemingly evolves into 2-3 different styles as we are taking through the depths of the three and a half minute opus. What begins as anthemic rock similar to earlier Arcade Fire build and builds as it ends with over a minute of gritty and angry, throaty vocal infused rock. We can all find a little something to like in that right?

CREO will release new EP Subtitles For X, Y, Z on September 8th.

Enjoy New TV Sets Music

If you’re spending your day looking for infectious pop music that you won’t be able to turn away from, then look no further than this great TV Sets track. This tune has the exuberance of acts like the Drums, yet you’ll find a soft underbelly of dreamy pop featured too; it’s a textural touch that’s not often employed, but the execution is spot on here. I always appreciate finding uplifting music with hints of contemplation. It’s okay to get carried away with joy while listening to this track, and we expect much more when the band drop their Elsewhere EP this Friday.

Hear a New BOYS Track

While we’re patiently awaiting the release of BOYS self-titled EP, they’re teasing us with this dreamy dosage of pop. The vocals come in breathy, almost gasping for air, which when combined with the guitar dancing around creates a stunning hook. The ante is upped when synths (maybe backing vocals…sounds more like backing vocals) falling from the skies of the song, creating a wall of sound that’s pretty memorable. I think the vibe of this track on the whole is worthy of your listening; I can’t get enough of it.

Pop Hit from BOYS

In need of a midweek dosage of pop? Well, you’re in luck because this new BOYS tune is doing precisely the trick. It has the hazy vibe to it, like the billowing of smoke across the sky as rays of light shine through. There’s a really cool turn just before the 2 minute mark that really makes the song rewarding. It’s continued proof that these lads have something going here, and they promise to release a new EP later this summer…with the song sure to be one of the stars!

Uplifting Pop Number from TRASH

I love a good pop number, especially when its sunny outside, so why not post this new jam from TRASH. The approach is pretty simple, giving listeners a natural bounce from the driving rhythm, but I really like the little nuances where the band toy with listeners. Several times in the track they hold back the melodic release, just for a second; it’s like a sugary pop tease that only draws you further into their sound. Plus, they have these distant dream pop guitar lines lurking in the distance, and you know I’m a sucker for that sound. Look for the group to release their new EP later this summer.

El Campo Release Bend and Color

Sometimes you make mistakes, and I made one letting this El Campo release sit in my inbox for a few days because I just can’t stop playing it. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this new Bend and Color EP is that it takes the band’s folk/country stylings and expands, like “Deceiver,” which seems to look towards sunny California for sonic influences. Don’t fret longtime fans, as the band still holds true to who they’ve always been…just listen to the opener “Exitos Mixtos” or “Pink Bubble.” It’s good to see growth, but always just as great to hear really good songs from bands you love. It’s available now from the group’s BANDCAMP.

Brand New EP from No Museums

I don’t know what it is that’s always drawn me to No Museums, but I keep coming back as they write new tunes for me. This week they’re releasing the Surfers to the Beach EP, and I hope you listen to each track on this release. Some of the tunes have this spirited brightness, like opener “The Surfers Leave” and “In a Camper Van,” yet you’ll find a different emotion in others like “The Abandoned Reel.” For that track, it feels like the group chose to record it rather simply, almost as if the song barely made it onto tape; there’s an undeniable personality to it, something that drags you into your speakers. I can’t escape this band, and for that, I’m grateful.

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