Sarah Bethe Nelson Shares Video for Weird Glow

I cannot stop playing this new tune from Sarah Bethe Nelson; I know that’s hyperbole, but seriously, I just want to listen to this track all day. It has this light approach to guitar pop that walks a fine line between indiepop and power-pop, though it probably leans more towards the power side of things. Her voice has this warmth to it, while also holding onto this natural sense of freedom; I envision it like that feather in Forrest Gump, rising and falling, blowing wherever it wants to blow. The Weird Glow LP will be released this Friday courtesy of the fine folks over at Burger Records.

The Black Watch Share Mad Single

If ever there was a band I wish more people cared about, it would be the work of The Black Watch. The group, helmed by JA Fredrick has been consistently prolific and consistently changing. Here on their latest single, familiar sounds abound, but Fredrick feels steadier than before, somehow; it’s as if he’s achieved self-awareness, and yet continues to push himself (and the band) forward. However you want to look at it, listening back through the years and playing this track over and over, you just get the feeling that it’s all clicked, it’s all reached this pinnacle moment in the band’s discography. I can’t wait to add Magic Johnson to the collection when it drops in August.

Stream the Umpteenth LP from Onesie

Listening through the entirety of Onesie has made me feel comfortable and safe; it’s like a warm blanket of nostalgia wrapped tightly around my ears. Umpteenth is as scatter-brained as Leos Consume, their last LP, but you can easily follow the power-pop bread crumbs from the get-go. Opener “Ten Times Tinnitus” has hints of that Big Star sound, though as it carries on, it also starts to lend itself over to Jets to Brazil territory, which inevitably sets you up for the more Jawbreaker-ish follow-up track “Customers;” this one’s slightly heavier on the riffs, but still adheres to pop sensibility. Skipping down to ”
Would You Be My Goon,” you get a glimpse of the landscape created by acts like Teenage Fanclub, with riffs muted slightly in favor of layered vocal harmonies. And, all that diversity comes before the band hit the sweet spot with “Awards Show” in the album’s latter half…it’s the pop rock number you didn’t know you needed. All this is just to say you could feel good too; you too can smile while you rock, but you can only do so by picking up Umpteenth, the new LP from Onesie, out this Friday courtesy of Dadstache Records.

New Freak Genes LP Drops

I love listening to Freak Genes, the hottest UK act you might not have heard about before; it’s made up of equal parts Red Cords/Proto Idiot members, with final mastering touches done by everyone’s hero, Mikey Young. III is the group’s third outing, and they’ve got plans to keep things interesting, throwing in heavy synth focus this round to switch the mood. Every song definitely has its own vibe, from starting off sounding like Jay Reatard to walking down the line of experimental synth pop a la Liars; it’s scattered but interestingly so, encouraging you to revisit time and time again. If you’re into it, III is available via Drunken Sailor Records.

Stream The Year That Felt Like Two

We’ve been releasing records for some time here in Austin, and through that time I’ve longed to work with David Israel. Last week we were fortunate enough release David’s new album, The Year That Felt Like Two. In my ears, it sounds like a pop version of anything penned by David Berman, employing a similar sense of wit, while crafting an undercurrent of pop sensibility. There’s not a bad song on this record, but of course, I’m probably slightly biased…so you should see for yourself by streaming below. And if you’re in Austin on July 29th, come out to the release show at Electric Church, with proceeds of the release going to RAICES. Grab it HERE!

Dan Mangan Still Has It

Not sure why it’s been so long since I’ve mentioned the legendary Dan Mangan on our website as he’s been a busy guy over the years. Maybe we just aren’t that good at this… Regardless, Dan is currently working on a new album and has offered a delightful new tune called “Troubled Mind” as a preview of the new material. Contrary to his usual singer/songwriter genre, this track has much more of a driving rock sound to it sort of similar to something you might hear from Spencer Krug/Moonface. Though the sound is light and cheerful, the lyrics play nicely as a counteracting agent to create a balanced mood. I’m happy to say that it’s put me back on board the Dan Mangan fan wagon.

Mangan will release a new album sometime later this year on Arts & Crafts.

ATH Records Welcomes Feverbones

Let’s just throw this out there…you have no idea how excited we are over at the ATH Records team to be working with Feverbones. Abram Shook and his old project the Great Nostalgic were one of our favorite acts when we first started this site 10 years ago. That alone makes it worth it, but you also get Chris Cox and Matthew Shepherd who’ve got an accomplished resume on their own (Adam Torres, Monk Parker, Dana Falconberry, Astrobleme, etc.). We’ll be releasing their new LP in early 2018…but why tell you now? Well, you can sample the band’s sound by listening to their 2014 EP below…plus, the trio hits the stage on Saturday night at the Mohawk, opening for White Denim. You can grab early tickets HERE.

Stream Feverbones below (also available on Spotify, iTunes):

Epic New Single From Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Man Toronto based outfit Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have just killed it with this new single “Ragnarok”. When discussing the new generation of power pop music, songs like this need to be mentioned before any other. If for some reason that style of music isn’t for you, well move on and let the rest of chant along and enjoy ourselves. Epic. Fun. Carry on.

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs will release a self-titled LP on July 28th via Burger Records.

Marvelous Mark Is Back

marvelousI first discovered Marvelous Mark when I got into Marvelous Darlings awhile back, but I’d mostly forgotten about the songwriter until I saw a friend post about his forthcoming Crushin’ LP on Drunken Sailor Records. The music he crafts lands somewhere between power pop and pop punk; you can expect to hear heavy rifts filled with hook after hook. These are the sorts of songs you turn up loud, memorize and sing at the top of your lungs with all your friends. The album drops this weekend, and it’s my birthday weekend, so feel free to buy it and ship it my way!

Edgy Pop From TheBulls

10444002_464584560343471_4365437836699531453_nThis new tune “Rumors”, from L.A. based TheBulls, caught my ear today as something you peoples might enjoy for your weekend playlist.  You’ll definitely hear some bright pop sensibilities with just enough edge via grungy guitars and hushed vocals to keep things interesting.  Think Metric, but with a more simple and focused sound.  I’ll buy that any day of the week.

TheBulls will drop Small Problems on August 28th via Diet Pink Records.

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