Austin Spotlight: New Music from Daniel Francis Doyle

dfd-t-shirtDaniel Francis Doyle is an Austin musician that deals with the more playful side of pop music.  There’s always been interesting time signatures or non-traditional instruments used in his craft, yet that’s always been carefully wrapped around warm melodies.  Lucky for us all, Daniel has just put up a batch of new tunes; it’s the first I’ve heard from him since 2011.  According to my sources, the music was recorded at The Owl, one of Austin’s best kept secrets, so you never know who popped up to help record.  I like this particular tune for it’s light-hearted guitar stutter, not to mention I’m a fan of his vocal delivery.  There’s 9 new songs, and Daniel’s gracious enough to share them with you all. I’ll keep you posted when we near a release date for these tracks.


Download: Daniel Francis Doyle – Aging Time [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Ramesh Is Back

rameshFor those of you who’ve missed the effortless pop from Voxtrot (I know I do!), rest assured that Ramesh isn’t giving up on things just yet. A year or so ago I ran a tune that Ramesh was working himself, and then yesterday a few sites popped up with new tunes; it shouldn’t surprise us since he’s got a few shows around Texas with our friends Orthy and Young Girls. This new tune (one of two) is a slow-tempo piece of bedroom pop, though there’s additional musical accompaniment that makes the song swell with effortless beauty.  I’m always happy to hear more from one of my favorite Austin artists.

Rose Melberg Warms Hearts with PUPS

246720085-1Is there another lady that works as hard as Rose Melberg?  I’m thinking know, especially now that I discovered this new band she’s working with via Bloodbuzzed.  PUPS just put up their self-titled EP last week for the NYOP fee (remember not to rip off your favorite artists).  I’m really impressed with the drumming on this tune, not to mention the refreshing vocals; it’s amazing how the tightly sloppy drumming can work so well with the quality of the voice.  You definitely need to spend some time today falling in love with this track, as you’ll be better off for it.


Download: PUPS – Take Your Shoes Off [MP3]

New Jamz From Gypsy and the Cat

This song sort of rules doesn’t it?  It’s catchy as hell, it’s dancey at times, and you can’t debate that it’s a well crafted jam of a pop tune.  This fancy pants song “Bloom” comes your way from Melbourne duo Gypsy and the Cat.  Right now, this jam is being offered just as a single for all fans to enjoy.  I hope you’re enjoy it on your hump day as much as I am.


Download: Gypsy and the Cat – Bloom [MP3]

New Music from Peter and the Wolf

Personally, I think that Redding “Red” Hunter is one of Austin’s best-kept secrets.  For me, this is a good thing, as I’m in on the secret, but for a lot of people, it’s horrible as they miss out on a lot of incredibly written songs.  Red’s project Peter and the Wolf has a new album out titled Easy Mountain, which you can pick up now.  His music has always been intricately personal, soft and all the while supremely inspiring.  There’s something about his recording process that gives him an intimate emotional appeal, while he carefully crafts melody with his guitar.  You’re not going to find a more enjoyable listening experience this week, I guarantee!


Download: Peter and the Wolf – Rosarito [MP3

New Punk Jam from The So So Glos

God, I just can’t get enough of this band!  Every time I hear something new, I immediately get excited.  The So So Glos are a little bit brash, but definitely energetic, which makes it easy to fall so hard for their hooks.  This new track hit the Internet just before Thanksgiving, and I’ve been jamming ever since then, eagerly awaiting news on their upcoming album.  These guys seem to just want to have a good time, and sometimes rock n’ roll needs that bit of fun, so here’s to these dudes just kicking out the proverbial jams.


Download: The So So Glos – Son of an American [MP3]

New Music from Sharon Van Etten

I know Turkey Day is drawing near, but there’s still some great music leaking out today, so I’m going to try and stay on top of it.  This new track from Sharon Van Etten has me really excited, and not just because it features members of The National, Walkmen and Wye Oak; it’s because I’ve got a bit of a crush on Sharon…and her music too! The songstress has a new album coming out titled Tramp, which will be released on Jagjaguwar on February 7th.  This song’s got a nice little cascading guitar line cutting through the rhythm guitar, and Van Etten’s voice sounds every bit as beautiful as I remember it in the live setting.  This is shaping up to be a good 2012 already.


Download: Sharon Van Etten – Serpents [MP3]

Introducing Harouki Zombi

If you’ve been a follower of the Elephant Six work and the Saddle Creek Records family, then perhaps your introduction to Harouki Zombi might be a bit of a surprise.  The duo is comprised of Orenda Fink, who led Azure Ray, not to mention her own solo outings, and also Nina Barnes, wife of Kevin Barnes.  Together they’ve combined to create an interesting piece of art pop, using theatrics (primarily designed by Barnes) and electronic influenced tracks in their performance pieces.  Clearly the duo are in this for a great bit of fun, but the music, not to mention the project itself, seems tinted with oddities, but also grace.  While it might just be hedonistic DJ music, you can’t help but be drawn to the collaboration.  Keep a look out for these two in the near future.  Here’s a preview of their work together.


Download: Harouki Zombi – Harouki Zombie Swamp Theme [MP3]

New Rocker from Classic Guided by Voices

As we’ve all certainly heard, the classic line-up of Guided By Voices is back together, having recorded new material.  I was fortunate to catch the group on their classic return, and they sounded just as I had hoped, if only a wee bit older.  The band will be releasing Lets Go Eat the Factory at the first of the year, but for now you can grab a listen to this track that went up on Matador Records, the label that will be putting out this track as a 7″ on November 22nd.  Whether you’ve liked the band for years, or just recently caught on, surely you see the greatness in this.


Download: Guided By Voices – The Usinkable Fats Domino [MP3]

New Gem from Ramesh (formerly of Voxtrot)

I wondered what happened to Ramesh, formerly of Voxtrot.  Personally, his songwriting was always really affecting, so I am glad to see he’s getting back out there.  Floating around the Internet is his EP 1, which you can stream right HERE for your own listening pleasure.  It’s still got that soft quality of pop that you came to expect from his old group.  Not sure if he’s still writing from Austin, but I’m going to claim him as one of our own, as we need all the good musicians we can get.  Best of luck to Ramesh as he gets back out there in the music world.


Download: RAMESH – The King

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