Rosie Tucker Shares Video for Habit

Not more than a few weeks ago I claimed that Rosie Tucker‘s Never Not Never Not Never Not was the album you wished Jenny Lewis had written this year; that’s not a dig, this record is really that great. Today, the band have just shared the video for standout track “Habit,” just giving me another reason to continue the unending love for this LP. This track works back in forth between the melodic voice and spoken word delivery, brandishing a chorus that never leaves your head. The video is a lemon-themed visual, with Rosie playing the star among the little yellow fruit. Like I said, just keep giving me reasons to listen to this LP and I’ll gladly abide; you can get it for yourself at New Professor.

New Indie Rock From LA Font

0001038906_20I’m really into this new song called “Diving Man” from aptly named L.A. based band LA Font.  It’s a catchy tune that could be likened to indie pop bands like newer Arctic Monkeys or even fellow Cali bands like Foreign Born.  It’s fairly simple, and I like that in this overdone music world we live in nowadays.

Check out new album Diving Man due out November 19th on New Professor.