New Power Pop from Thunderbolt Patterson

Man, sometimes the world just collides in odd ways. Just this morning I started a book on Marquee Moon, and later, I get an email about former Dictator Thunderbolt Patterson! Next I expect a text from Debbie Harry.  There’s never anything wrong with classic punk rock, and while this isn’t precisely classic, the new song from Thunderbolt definitely has its roots in the glory days.  There’s a bit more polish to this track, but imagine what all the old stuff would have sounded like if only we had ProTools in 1976.  This is just good honest rock n’ roll; the kind that makes you proud to be a music fan.


Download: Thunderbolt Patterson – Life’s Rich Pageant [MP3]

New Track from The Echo-Friendly

Late at night, you slowly let the slow jams take over; you’re ready to wrap up your evening.  Such was the case when I stumbled upon this little tune from The Echo-Friendly.  Sure, it’s not necessarily the most breathtaking thing (no offense), but I love the vocal interplay between the male and female counterparts, which really drew me into the track, letting them take over the rest of my evening.  Before completing their first EP, the band wants to spread the word about their project.  I think, if you’re looking for something slow and dramatic, then you’ll love the lead track from the new single, “Same Mistakes.”


Download: The Echo-Friendly – Same Mistakes [MP3]

New Music from JJ

While JJ continues to change their sound, albeit slightly (see the R&B influence below), I always find myself drawn to the music.  There’s something about the way the music evolves in the track, fusing with the vocal melodies in a light-hearted fashion that just tugs at my musical heartstrings.  Luckily, I came across a few new tracks from the group (via GvsB ) which you can grab over at Sincerely Yours. There’s still an element of electronica that bleeds through, but the arrangements with the strings create something altogether special.  Perhaps these new singles hint at the possible upcoming of JJ No. 4.  Who knows, but I’m sure we can just enjoy listening to this track for the rest of the week.


Download: JJ – No One Can Touch Us Tonight [MP3]

New Music from Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf is a magnificent genius.  Everything he’s done has fascinated me, on various levels, but always involving his music.  He’s set to release a new single in December titled “Time of My Life.”  The track is a bit of a personal narrative, reflecting on a crumbling relationship.  I’m hoping the release of his new material means that his sequel to The Bachelor, which you need, is soon to hit the streets. Please be true.


Download: Patrick Wolf – Time of My Life [MP3]

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