Fall In Love With New King Creosote Track

Last year was a great year for the mysterious Kenny Anderson and his King Creosote project, especially if you followed our adoration over here at ATH.  Everything he touched won me over, and he’s already back again with a new 12″ EP for Domino Records titled I Learned From the Gaels.  We’ve got the lead track off the 4 song single, and it’s super upbeat, not to mention ridiculously catchy.  These are the sort of songs that make it a joy to be a music fan and find stuff like this in your inbox.  You can get your hands on this on May 28th, and I suggest you do, as KC stuff is definitely hard to find!


Download:King Creosote – Doubles Underneath [MP3]

New Music from Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley’s been one of my favorite songwriters of the last decade, but this time around we’re about to get an entirely new Richard. On his last effort, Truelove’s Gutter, we were treated with the smoky cool crooning that Hawley brings to the table, yet this new track doesn’t really play in the same ballpark.  He’s got a full band with him, and from the tracks that I’ve heard the whole affair is going to be more rocking.  You can get your hands on this new effort, titled Standing at the Sky’s Edge, on May 7th.  It might be a twist on his usual style, but I’m interested nonetheless.


Download:Richard Hawley – Leave Your Body Behind You [MP3]

Upbeat Jam from Wintersleep

Wintersleep is by no means a new band, having worked hard for the last decade or so perfecting their sound.  But, based on this new track they’ve just released from their upcoming album, Hello Hum, it could be a year where they go big.  This single has sort of a jittery feeling to it, almost as if it’s stuttering at points, but the pulsing rhythm of the backbone really propels the song forward.  Combine that with the relaxed approach of the vocals, and you’ve got yourself a track everyone will enjoy.  The record comes out on June 12th, so be sure to grab it at the local record store.


Download:Wintersleep – Resuscitate [MP3]

Catchy New Jam from Reptar

We’ve been all about Reptar for quite some time, and they seem to have gained a huge fan base in a short time.  So, we’re happy to offer up another new track from their forthcoming album on Vagrant, Body Faucet, which comes out on May 1st.  As you’d expect, there’s huge hooks to get your energy flowing and your feet dancing.  You’ve gotta love this sort of track, living somewhere along the lines of a punky dance number.  This is the sort of track that huge stars are made from, so give it a chance.


Download:Reptar – Orifice Origami [MP3]

Great Indie-Pop from The School

Sometimes musical simplicity is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to falling in love with a certain track or group.  Welsh group,The School, pretty much have always operated in that realm, adding little twists and turns to the formula of indie-pop meets Northern Soul. Their last LP, Loveless Unbeliever, was quite a gem, and now they’ve got a new single on the way for everyone, titled “Never Thought I’d See the Day,” which you can get from Elefant Records tonight. It’s straight pop with female vocals, but you certainly won’t let this one get out of your head today. Here’s a video too of the lead track on the single: VIDEO.


Download:The School – Never Thought I’d See The Day [MP3]

New Single from Slow Club

Slow Club is one of those bands that I always seem to forget about, but when I return to them, I find myself swept away for several days.  For instance, I neglected to review Paradise, their latest LP, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself; I can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten from this record.  Luckily, the band just sent out a reminder that their second single from the record, “The Dog”, will be out in stores this week (with a remix from Tom Vek).  If you haven’t been introduced to the band as of this point in time, just give a listen here.  Those ringing guitars, soaring vocals and pounding rhythms will ahve you rushing to hit repeat.


Download:Slow Club – The Dog [MP3]

More Straight-forward Rock from Tribes

A short while ago we hooked you up with a jam from Tribes, the UK band who’re expected to blow up in the States pretty soon.  On March 13th the band will release their record, Baby, state-side, and I’m sure it’s going to be a polarizing ordeal.  The band stakes their claim to a no-frills rock n’ roll approach, just blasting out the jams like we all secretly want.  In listening to this song, part of me wants is singing along, tapping my feet; the other part of me is worried it’s going to get panned because it is so gimmick free. I think it’s tasty, I think it’s fun: you be the the judge!


Download:Tribes – Whenever [MP3]

New Track from Evans the Death

There’s very few labels that have been as dependable as Slumberland Records over the last few years, and they’ve signed yet another wunderkind in Evans the Death.  On April 3rd the band will be releasing their new self-titled album, as well as a single. We’ve got the lead track below to stream, so prepare yourself for an excellent ride. Energy bursts forth from the get-go, and we’ve got a new female lead in Katherine Whitaker.  Her vocals sound sublime backed by the melodious hooks of the rest of the group.  Let’s cheer on Slumberland and their newest signing!



New Number from Wild Nothing

We’d be remiss if we didn’t hit on the big news of the day, the return of Wild Nothing to the music-making fold.  When Pitchfork premeired the track earlier today, they talked of main songwriter, Jack Tatum, working in a professional studio for the first time.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, as I felt like a lot his charm came from the fact that he crafted those sounds in his bedroom.  Still, after listening to this track, so far everything seems well; I’ll be pleased if its half as good as Gemini, their first full-length.  For now, expect this single to come out via Captured Tracks, in order to hold us over while the band is recording.


Download: Wild Nothing – Nowhere [MP3]

Warm Pop Number from Princeton

It’s been quite a bit since I heard anything about Princeton, but I’m glad the group’s back o the up and up.  They’ve got a new record titled Rememberance of Things to Come that is going to hit the streets on February 21st.  This title tracks seems a little bit more structured around a few loops, at least up until the midpoint of the track where strings and percussion pick the song up.  It’s a feathery vocal that soars throughout the song that will really grab the ears of pop music lovers.  Come on in and get taken away by this sweet little jam.


Download: Princeton – Remembrance Of Things To Come [MP3]

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