Elizabeth Shares Happier Now Video

Since stepping away from Totally Mild and going it her own, Elizabeth has done nothing short but amaze me. Her voice has always been one strikingly bold, but on her latest single, she seems to take it even further, stretching those tones into full powerhouse mode! While the Wonderful World of Nature had ties to her earlier work, feeling like a natural step away from her previous outfit, this new single is as bold as her voice, fully immersing Elizabeth into the pop world. The synth notes sound sad, matching the persona, though the powerful drop in at 2:34 shows Elizabeth isn’t messing around; she’s “happier now,” after all.

Electric Pets Drop Don’t Leave Me

When someone drops Mazzy Star meets Dick Dale notes in your inbox, you know you’re interest is going to be piqued, right? Well, I checked out the new single from UK outfit Electric Pets, and now I’m hooked on their sound. My ears hear a bit of that smokey Sandoval-esque vocal, though channeled in a sort of dark psychedelic nature fit for a smoke-filled backroom lounge; it fits really well with the loose surf meets garage feel of the guitar work, with cymbal work adding in an added layer of hipness. The video’s a collection of other clips, past and present, furthering this modern nostalgic vibe that they’ve captured so well, walking that line between then and now. Look for the band to drop their Rhinoceros EP later this summer via Reckless Yes.

CLAMM Share Monday Video

If you’re feeling anxious, this new CLAMM thing is going to be the perfect catharsis or it’s going to set you off…either way, it’s a ripper that you should play at the loudest volume possible. Feedback and thunderous drum work open the song before this dangerously frantic guitar line starts to wiggle its way into the picture. That angular cut at such pace creates this sort of ominous bounce to it, setting up the double barrage of vocals we get from the trio here. They rip through, and the video adds an extra layer as they seem to be barking directly at us, only increasing the feeling of the knife’s edge that runs throughout the track. Their new album Care is going to blast into our lives on August 19th, courtesy of Chapter Music/Meat Machine.

Dehd Share Final Single from Blue Skies

This Friday, Dehd drop that new album, Blue Skies. I’ve been pretty stoked with the band’s development, as the song’s just feel more complete, more textured. It’s clear just how much the band has put into the record, from the video work to the construction, so I won’t be surprised if the whole LP is just an absolute knockout from start to finish. Below is the final single from the record, and the performance from Emily should put everyone on notice that the band mean business. Blue Skies drops Friday via Fat Opossum.

Watch Worthitpurchase Calendar Talk Video

Ever listen to a song and you’re drawn in, but you’re not sure why? Well, that’s what happened as I watched this Worthitpurchase video, drawn in by the child-like imagery and the warmth of the guitar strum. Omar Akrouche’s voice has this haunting draw to it too, like some magical tractor beam drawing you into the fragility. While the song feels innocent and sparse, the band gradually layer the tune going forward, increasing the tension that allows for the group to create their own melodic cacophony near the tune’s end. If you’re into it, the group release Truthtelling, their new LP, this coming August via Anxiety Blanket.

Popstrangers Share No I.D. Video

In a couple of weeks London outfit Popstrangers will be releasing their new album, In Spirit, and drawing near, I’m liking the way things are shaping up. The album’s title track is one of my favorite tunes of the year, and now we’ve got their latest, sliding into a heavier vibe. Perhaps its the video accompaniment, or just that jittering noise in the background, but there’s something slightly evil about the way this tune begins to unfold. The vocals hide in the background, letting the tension build through the thumping drum work and these anxiety-inducing elements of noise. How they manage to hold onto any pop sensibility it beyond me, but its there, giving the song this brooding bubble that hopefully catches your ear. In Spirit is out June 10th via Rice is Nice.

Hearts and Rockets Share Buy It Video

Looking through our emails this weekend, I was stoked to see that our friends over at Psychic Hysteria had sent us a new video from Hearts and Rockets for their single “Buy It.” The tune itself is a driving bit of garage pop; there’s a definite bit of attitude, but the rhythm of the song allows you tap your toes and enjoy your own personal listening party. Guitar lines cutting through and offering a bit of sonic dissonance illustrate just how perfectly the Melbourne duo walk the line between edgy art and pop tendencies. If you’re doubting me, check out the TV is Boring EP, which features this jam below!

Alex Dupree Announces Thieves LP

Alex Dupree has some roots down in Texas; Austin to be precise; you can definitely feel the history of the state bleeding through his new single, even if he’s found himself relocated to California. There’s great storytelling, which reminds me of sitting around listening to Merle or Townes with my father, or maybe sitting with my own kids doing the same. For me, while I love Alex’s performance, I’m really drawn to the arrangements on this tune; they take the intimacy to the next level, tugging those heartstrings and giving the song longevity that will keep you coming back to it for years to come. Thieves will drop July 15th via our friends at Keeled Scales.

Stella Donnelly Shares Lungs + Announces New Record

In my opinion, Stella Donnelly is an absolute powerhouse, and I’m hoping with the announcement of Flood that she really starts to get the deserved attention here in the States. On her last record, it felt like sort of a more traditional singer-songwriter affair, though the songs were buoyed with great arrangements, not to mention Stella’s playfulness. But, earlier this year, Stella featured on Methyl Ethel‘s “Proof” single, which was an absolute banger. Perhaps we should have taken note, as this new single seems a little more intent on a similar production, using driving beats and natural hooks to set up the core of the song. Her wordplay is still clever as ever, so it doesn’t sound like you’re losing anything; you just get to see a great songwriter blossoming further into the every day name we fully expected her to be. Her new LP, Flood, will be out in August via Secretly Canadian.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share She Spins Video

Our friends in Letting Up Despite Great Faults just returned from what I hope was an excellent tour with our other friends Blushing. In their pocket is a brand new video for “She Spins” off their most recent IV LP, which gives us an extra excuse to hype the band and their record. This song’s got a delicious bit of guitar work, jangling in the perfect way from the get-go. As the track moves forward, you get great vocal interplay between Mike and Annah, the band’s bread and butter. Today’s Bandcamp Friday, so if you love the tune, why not grab their LP? It’s good…just don’t leave it unattended in your car overnight in Texas!

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