New Jonathan Bree Video

Jonathan Bree has been on my radar for several years at this point, but I feel like he’s finally starting to get a name going for himself over here in the States. He was top of my list of last year’s SXSW performances, for both sound and the spectacle of the performance itself. This video offers a precise glimpse at what listeners will get when they catch Jonathan on his first official North American tour; it’s an orchestral pop song performed by a band without a face (the band has no face), which certainly grabs your attention in the live setting. He’ll be in Austin for Levitation, but will spend much of October and November throughout the continent, so if he comes near you, I assure you that won’t want to miss this.

Enjoy This New Las Rosas Song

If you’re in the mood for some feel good rock music, I’d suggest you check out this new track called “Christa” from Brooklyn based Las Rosas. It’s pretty straightforward indie rock with some great sounding guitars and a super tight mix. The band might be confused for early era Phoenix or even a little bit more of a guitar driven act like The Vaccines. Call it what you will, I dig it.

This track is currently available on a fancy pink 7″vinyl version you can buy now via Greenway Records. It will also appear as the lead single to the band’s new album entitled Shadow By Your Side due out May 11th.

Heavy New Video From Absolutely Not

Not too long ago this summer, I shared a new song from rocking Chicago based group Absolutely Not. I’ve since become a follower of the band and have been spinning their music in the car and at home (it’s great for both). Well after having release new album Errors last Friday, the band just sent over this new video for album track “Blood Money”. It’s a lovely bit of heavy, sludgy, rock music. If you haven’t yet, get yourself a copy of Errors now.

New Video & Single From Chad VanGaalen

Last month we received news Chad Vangaalen about his highly anticipated new album finally coming in September. We’ve since heard one single from the album called “Old Heads”, and today Chad has another beauty for us to enjoy. This one is entitled “Pine and Clover” and features a somewhat creepy, yet still cool animated video of Chad’s always unique and distinct drawings. The song itself is of course full of subtle power and beauty typical of what we’ve come to expect over the years. He’s still got it.

Light Information is due out on September 8th via Sub Pop (pre-order now).

Watch the New Holy Balm Video

If you haven’t caught on to the new Holy Balm single, you’re excused, though it’s definitely the perfect summer hit. Still, the band just released a video for the track, so now you get another chance to fall in love with this tune, not to mention a look into the band’s artistic aesthetic. Their album, Activity, is destined to be a hit for the dance floors for the rest of the year; it’s being released on August 5th, 2016 via Chapter Music.

Impressive New Video From Mystery Jets

MI0003986376We love Mystery Jets. Seriously at this point the guys should just come on over to the ATH label. Guys? Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to share with you a breathtaking new video for the band’s latest single “Bombay Blue”. This thing is an epic piece of art worthy for the tag of video of the year. Incredible work gentlemen.

This track appears on the new Mystery Jets album Curve of the Earth which is available for purchase now.


The Teen Age Pay Homage in New Video

unnamed (11)Brooklyn based band The Teen Age has always been a sort of throwback style band offering up hits similar to The Strokes or The Ramones. Embracing their sound and image, the boys have released this new video for one of their most recent singles “Backwards”. The video is essentially a shot for shot remake of a scene from the classic 1979 film Rock n Roll High School starring The Ramones. A killer song now has a video to go with it. Don’t forget to pick up The Teen Age’s latest EP Bad Seed now on Papercup Music.


New Video & Single From Snowmine

Upload_Snowmine_2012_03_16-14_21_33After hanging with the boys in Snowmine at ACL this weekend, the band alerted us to a new single and video they had just put out to grow some excitement for their current tour.  The song is called “Tidal Wave” and features something a little different from the group than what we’ve heard in the past.  Our atmospheric tones are still present, but the instrumentation has been scaled back quite a bit with a sound that feels almost more r&b than it does pop.  Give it whatever label you want, this track will appeal to just about anyone.  Check it out after the jump.

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Welcome Home the Sour Notes

holyshowOne of Austin’s hardest working bands, The Sour Notes, have just returned from a good little tour, so we’d like to celebrate that first of all; I’m glad they were able to successfully hit the road.  But, in honor of their return, they’ll be playing at The Blackheart this Friday night (it’s free), so you should all head out in order to welcome them.  In other SN related news, they just released a cassette single, which includes the below cover of “Mannequin,” originally one of the hits on Wire’s Pink Flag (one of my favorite LPs, period).  They do a dreamier take, but they definitely do the original justice.  Plus, the band has a video for their new single, which you can watch HERE! So many good things happening for these guys. Cheers; see you friday!


Download: The Sour Notes – Mannequin (Wire Cover) [MP3]

Jamming New Dance Track from Birds & Batteries (+ Video)

With the heat of summer comes the need for sweaty dance parties, and I think I found another track for your summertime playlist, courtesy of Birds & Batteries.  This song comes from the group’s forthcoming LP, Stray Light, which hits the streets on August 7th. There’s hints of Twin Shadow, if you’re looking for a comparison, but you get the feeling that the songs on this record will hit a lot harder! The band just released a new video for this single as well, and you can catch that right HERE.  If you like what you’re hearing, keep an eye out, as the band hits the road here in August, with an Austin date planned for the end of the month.


Download:Birds & Batteries – Let The Door Swing [MP3]