BODEGA Are Bad Ass

What’s Your Rupture have been quietly picking out the best bands from obscurity and thrusting them into the limelight. I mean, remember when you didn’t know who Parquet Courts were? Yeah, you can thank this label. They continue to pick up rad acts, like their most recent signing BODEGA. Opening with this pulsing bass line and pounding drum line, there’s a natural groove flowing through your speakers. Guitars knife in angularly, cutting the danceable sound into a rock n’ roll hit. Still, you can’t ignore the band’s propensity for being catchy, despite still sounding ominously dangerous. Look for their new LP to drop this summer.

Surf Rock Is Dead Impress With New Single

Sometimes when you hear a song, you must instantly share it with others. Such is the case with this new beauty of a number called “As If” from NYC based duo Surf Rock is Dead. It certainly has a POBPAH sound to it with the super bright guitars and overall happy vibe to it. Seriously the song just immediately puts you in a better mood right? Check it out below.

Surf Rock is Dead will release new EP We Have No Friends? on September 22nd via The Native Sound.

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New EP from Les Bicyclettes Blanches

lbbWe’re not going to give you the full EP, but you should definitely go and grab yourself a copy of this forthcoming EP from Les Bicyclettes Blanches. At first I got stuck with the buzzing of the guitar sound, compounded by the seemingly stuttering vocal delivery, but the crashing  cymbals added near the middle of the track definitely kept me hooked going through. The tune sounds familiar, yet not quite so. That distinctiveness makes me thing their Einfugen EP will be something out of the ordinary, and worth a listen. You can grab it this week from Bleeding Gold.

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New Single From Mainland

11999014_927828163958582_2108589009077429236_nIt’s been quite some time since I’ve heard anything from NYC based group Mainland so I’ve been excited today to hear new music from the guys.  The new single is called “Not As Cool” and is a welcome reminder to why we originally enjoyed the band a few years ago.  This is a pop rock number at its core similar to a band like Wavves with a hint of a band like our amigos Young Girls.  It’s legit.

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Welcome Home Monk Parker

d6c9f0de-991e-448a-8ece-723319c91707Many locals around these parts venture off to greener pastures at some point in their career and Monk Parker is no different.  Having moved off to NYC a while back with his band The Low Lows, Parker is back home here in Austin after his band’s breakup.  From the ashes of his now defunct band, comes an entire LP of solo material recorded at his family farm just outside of ATX.  As a preview of the upcoming album, new single “Sadly Yes” has just been released.  To me, it’s in the vein of alt country, similar to fellow locals like Will Johnson as a solo musician or with his projectSouth San Gabriel.  Very majestic and beautiful.  Welcome back.

New album, How the Spark Loves the Tinder, is due out on August 28th via Bronze Rat.

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Clever Tune from New Beard

Occasionally you come across an inexplicable track that makes its way into your listening rotation and just sort of sticks there.  That’s much the case with this new track from New Beard, a proclaimed freak rock group from NYC.  But, when I listen to this song from their debut New Beard City, I can’t help but think of the early days of Architecture in Helsinki.  There’s layers of non-traditional percussive elements centering around a casual vocal and strummed guitar.  I can just jam this track all day long, again and again; it’s just catchy and well-written, so now you can enjoy and share with your friends.


Download: New Beard -Doom [MP3]

Dirty on Purpose Call it Quits

Brooklyn band Dirty on Purpose have quietly been one of those great bands that filled my heart with joy.  Their combination of noise and warm pop won me over every single time.  Sadly, the band has decided to call it quits, playing their last show this New Year’s Eve in New York City.  You can download a few of their amazing tracks, as well as their final EP, by visiting RCRDLBL. 


Download: Dirty on Purpose – Audience [MP3]

Japanese Motors – s/t

Rating: ★★★★☆

The purveyors of cool over at Vice have brought us yet another exciting new band, except this one seems oddly familiar. Japanese Motors is a four-piece band from Costa Mesa, California who have just released their self-titled album. Immediate comparisons will be made, but break on through the banal qualities for an ultimately rewarding listen.

Let’s get this out of the way; Japanese Motors are coated in the spectral essence of The Strokes of old. Singer, Alex Knost, has precisely the same hollow echo of a voice that Julian Casablancas has, which really isn’t a knock on his singing voice. It fits the music appropriately. However, the fact that they don’t use dueling guitars on every single song, on most songs in fact, makes their sound entirely different than their New York counterpart.

Opening track, “Single Fins and Safety Pins,” creates an entirely different vibe than The Strokes; choosing to bask in the glory of the California sun rather than worry about the plight of upper-middle class elitists in New York City. You can hear the sound of the surf flowing out of the guitar-work, and the rythm of the beach trodding along in the song. Even here, the commonalities with other select groups are not yet noticed.

Then “Regrets A Paradise” comes walking along the shore, and Knost embraces his inner Casablancas, although videoes of this frontman show him having a bit more fun; he dances rather than using his mic stand to hold him up. Vocal stylings are similar throughout the rest of the album, especially in songs like “Coors Lite.” The similiarities don’t detract from the enjoyment of listening to such songs, for we all long for the sounds of a few years back, when everything seemed fresh and new. But, even the bass lines sound really close.

There is another, more Californian, influence apparent in a lot of these songs, and it might be one more close to the hearts of Japanese Motors. Listening to a song like “Better Trends” brings back memories of “Take the Skinheads Bowling” by Camper Van Beethoven, the Californian oddity commodity. Both bands had a tendency for catchy songs, worthy of listening for all audiences.

Now, those at Vice will tell you of their tendency to throw outrageous parties that cater to the homeless and surfers, the debutantes and the hipsters; this definitely has nothing to do with this band, nor their ability to write catchy lo-fi pop ditties with a surf twist. Listen to the band for their music, no matter where the influence.

New Tunes from Longwave

In New York City long long ago, Longwave released one of the stronger debut albums of the decade, but they managed to go largely unnoticed. They had a slip-up on the sophomore LP, but they have a new album coming out on November 11th titled Secrets are Sinister. Here is the track “Sirens in the Deep Sea” off of said album.


Download: Longwave Sirens in the Deep Sea [MP3]

Sigur Ros @ MoMa

I know I know. We post way too much about this band, but this may be the best thing we’ve posted yet!  Sigur Ros recently performed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and The Current website has been kind enough to post the entire live performance on their site. The show took place on Icelandic independence day (June 17th). Live footage of the show looks eerily familiar to the 2007 documentary Hlemmur (arguably one of the best band docs ever made).

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