Straight Rocker From Del Paxton

Hey it’s Friday so let’s go into the weekend with some fun rock music to jam out too and take away our worries about the sad state we are in. Well you need look no further than this upbeat number, “September”, from the Buffalo based outfit Del Paxton. It’s certainly a throwback themed number harkening back to bands like The Promise Ring, or maybe even GUK. However you want to take it, hopefully it offers you some enjoyment today.

This tune appear on a new 3 song EP entitled September, Bedtime, Ontario out on August 19th.



Welcome Back Radical Dads

It’s been quite some time, five years to be exact, since we last posted about NYC founded group Radical Dads. It looks like we missed out on a single from last year, but other than that, the band has stayed relatively quiet having moved to different parts of the country. Despite their extreme distance from each other, the veteran trio managed to write and record an 8 song album out now entitled Paved Mountain. As a preview of the new album, the band is sharing this new single called “Institution” which should definitely entice you into checking out the entire LP. Let’s call it an official return to form for our old favorites Radical Dads. You can stream their entire new album over on bandcamp.

Intimate Track From Joe Vann

It’s Friday in a scorching hot Austin, TX and it seems like a perfect day to introduce you fans to a new up and coming artist. Today my focus turns to solo artist Joe Vann who writes and records his own music out of his apartment in New York City. His first exposure to the music world is this single called “Shuffle Around” which is an intimate, stripped down tune. Obviously the focus of this song is Vann’s voice which is certainly worth the focus as he commands the song with his hushed, yet entrancing performance.

Joe Vann will be releasing a full length solo album sometime later this year.

SXSW Interview: The Muckers

We’re continually drawing ever near to the SXSW music festival and the ATH crew is very ready for the music and a break from work. It’s fun finding some new bands prior to the festival, and Brooklyn based outfit The Muckers is just one of those bands. They sort of have a White Reaper meets more glam-y T. Rex type of sound. Should be a fantastic show. Follow the jump for the responses from The Muckers.

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SXSW Interview: The Bobby Lees

If you haven’t started making your band list for SXSW, you better get cracking now before you run out of time. One of the bands near the top of my list is Woodstock, NY based outfit The Bobby Lees. Having never seen the band live before, I’m pumped to experience the raw energy and fire in a proper venue. Hit the jump for the band’s responses to our pressing questions.

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Another Hit From Sipper

NYC based artist Joe Beerman made an impression on me last November with his new musical project known as Sipper with a much coveted spot on our year end Top Songs list. Moving forward into this year, Beerman has a new EP entitled Have Fun due out later in the spring. Prior to his new release date, we’ve been given the go ahead to share this bright new single called “O.K.” It features more of the washed out, yet bright and airy sound which originally drew me into this band. You will find it subtle in delivery while still holding tons of staying power in the final product.

Mellow Number From Sipper

Sipper is the new musical project from New York based artist Joe Beerman. Having already released the acclaimed debut EP Adam Driver earlier this year, it appears Beerman is not ready to settle into cruise control on one success story. Today he is returning with this new single called “Ghost”. This one is a layered piece of instrumentation that seems mellow at first, but continues to unravel new layers of driving pop sounds. We have ourselves a hit on our hands here folks.

Have Another From JW Francis

After my compadres both shared some tuneage from New York based JW Francis over the last several months, I felt it was my turn to get in on the hype. Today we have this new song called “Lofi” which is a lovely bit of guitar pop music similar to a guy like Albert Hammond Jr. in his earlier solo days. What draws me in here is the infectious, breezy sound that is super easy to fall head over heals into. Now having shared three songs from Francis, I think it’s safe to say he’s ATH approved.

Chill Vibes From Sandy

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and for some reason I am finding myself in a bit of chill, relaxed mood. Helping my lunch time, laid back feelings is this new song called “Not There” from NYC based Sandy. It’s a synth heavy song falling into the electronic pop or bedroom electronica genre, but with a much more interesting beat than others in the genre. I also love the hushed vocals from Samantha Pathe as they intertwine beautifully with the catchy beats.

Lookout for the debut release from Sandy, entitled Trances, due out on October 25th via Geographic North.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2861844978 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=2383361326]

Fun Track From The Beekeepers

It’s Monday morning and Nathan and I are bummed out to be fully back to work starting tomorrow. As bummed as we may be, we can always try to bolster our moods with some fun, energetic, easy to get into music. Imagine that, my new friends in Portland, New York based The Beekeepers just sent over this new song called “Endless Spiral Notebooks”. It’s a fun, yet simple song full of swirling organs and an overall DIY approach to songwriting. It’s a fresh track for a Monday morning. Enjoy.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2926162856 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=none track=4236424465]

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