Spend Friday With The Parlor

the-parlor-promo-2015-650x400Altamont, NY based The Parlor has been the recipient of some major praise from online music critics recently.  Their style is this sort of breezy, while quirky bit of pop music genius.  Below is a sample of their sound with new track “Wishes in the Sheets”.  Hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy here as we ease into the weekend.

Wahzu Wahzu is due out September 18th via B3nson.

Late to the Party: Jack + Eliza

15389_868043193280575_9085091377776735403_nSometimes we get busy and sometimes we miss some truly superb music as a result.  Jack + Eliza is one of my recent brain farts and today I hope to remedy such an atrocity.  The band is a  young duo hailing from NYC who craft a throwback style of pop music featuring a folk inspired, harmony laden sound.  This single “Oh No” should cause you to fall in love with the duo.  Enjoy.

Jack + Eliza will drop their debut album, Gentle Warnings, on August 7th via Yebo Music.

Give A Listen to Whitewash’s New Tune

whiteyA lot of acts get labeled with the slacker-pop genre tag, and I’m not really sure exactly what it means, although I think it means that the band doesn’t seem to be trying too hard. That’s kind of a dick thing to say about a musician I reckon, but fuck it, Whitewash are one of the coolest “slacker” pop acts around.  Just take a listen at how the vocals are traded back and forth here, seemingly with no effort. It matches perfectly with the relaxed composition of the song itself. If you like the tune, look for Shibboleth on May 19th.

More From Acid Dad

11011994_812822625458471_1459261746120271598_oAround a month ago, I introduced you to Acid Dad, a New York band that specializes in making psych punk jams. Today I have a new track to share with you called “Digger,” which is the perfect blend of playful and punk rock– the guitars are raw and gnaw through the song, but then there are moments when the band really doubles up this energy and gives you bursts of sonic explosions. The cymbals crash, the vocals intensify and quicken, and those guitars switch from gnawing to snarling. After this quick release of another excellent track from this group, I’d say watch out for Acid Dad… they’re coming for ya.

Hear Another Track from Y33BA

glamAbout a month ago I brought you a new track from Y33BA, the secretive New York outfit also known as Your 33 Black Angels.  Today, I’ve got a new song from the group, and this one seems a lot more straightforward in its presentation. The song is just as propulsive as the early single, though there definitely sounds like there’s a Nada Surf presence on this tune, which would make sense seeing as both bands call NYC home.  On May 12th, you’ll finally get a chance to hear the band’s newest record, Glamour, which will probably sneak into a lot of your friend’s record collections. Hear why below!


Download: Y33BA – Cruise Fun [MP3]

Beauty From Wilsen

untitledWilsen is a relatively new band from New York city fronted and creatively run by the lovely Tamsin Wilsen.  As a new debut LP is coming soon, Tamsin and her band are sharing a preview of their material with this beautiful track “Garden”.  One can find elements of Feist in the song combined with some backing beats that drop at all the perfect moments.  A truly great introduction to this young artist.

Stay tuned with more information on a debut LP dropping sometime later this year.

Dreamy Track from Weeknight

weekIf you’re looking for escapism via your musical listening, then you’re in luck if you turn on this new single from Weeknight.  The tune has this dark haunting quality, using jagged guitar chords to burst through the dense shadow of the track.  Sure, it falls in line with the nostalgic movement towards recreating the JAMC sound, but I’m impressed by the fact that it’s done with only two hands at the helm. This New York duo will release this new single on April 21st via Dead Stare Records, but you can stream the track below right now; I suggest you do!

Charles Hamilton is back?

Five years ago Charles Hamilton was on the verge of being the next big thing; magazine covers, an XXL freshman list that also included B.o.B, Wale, and Kid Cudi, and an undeniably catchy lead single. But after a series of self-admitted “bloopers”–including a video of Hamilton being socked in the face by a girl he was battle rapping–made the rounds on the internet, Hamilton disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. After a lengthy absence from the public eye, Hamilton appears to be ready for his come back. His new single “New York Raining” is below.

M.O.P. + Tears For Fears

2014-07-25-mashoutposse1Legendary hip-hop duo M.O.P.’s recent EP Street Certified is a return to form for a group most recently associated with a Muppets-themed viral video. The lead single from Street Certified, “187”, samples the Tears For Fears classic “Head Over Heels” and is also a throwback to the Cash Money & Marvelous 80s party anthem “Ugly People Be Quiet”. “187” is an expression of frustration from M.O.P. towards today’s state of hip-hop. The music video is also a very purposefully gritty reminder of the side of New York City where hip-hop culture and music originated.

Shana Falana Brings You a Hook

shanaRemember when we all fell in love with Best Coast (don’t lie, you know you did)? Well, now that that group has faded into the distance, there have to be acts to replace it.  I like Shana Falana for the part; the New York artist even offers a little bit more of a distinct sound, filling in more of the negative space with dreamier notes that go beyond classic alternate-girl fare. This single has a forcefulness, using guitar melody that twists and turns throughout.  Look for Team Love to release her album Set Your Lightning Fire Free on April 7th.

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