New Music from Waves of Dread

Somewhere out in Newcastle, Waves of Dread is building these magnificent pieces of pop music that I’ve found quite inescapable…particularly this latest single. It’s structured like a classic piece of collage-pop, with the guitars seemingly building tension, then other guitars cascade into the distance while the faintly audible vocals nonchalantly enter the picture. That building sensation doesn’t fade, however, and actually seems to build ominously…though the group never completely give in to your need for an emotional release, instead ambling in a different direction as the song fades into the distance. Truly want some music discovery, then come this way.

New To Me: Dose

Random “discovery” thanks to the big data that feeds tracks to the auto playlists on streaming services…

Dose is a band out of Newcastle. I didn’t know anything about them until I left a Soundcloud stream playing after setting my headphones down and returning to my desk twenty minutes later only place said headphones on at the start of this track. It seems our future robot overlords wanted me to hear this lush, guitar-driven haze that has motion and light despite a dark undercurrent.

Singles and things available. Check it.

Single Premiere: RAAVE TAPES

Ladies and germs, allow me to introduce you to Newcastle, Australia based outfit RAAVE TAPES and their impressively heavy sound. Their music definitely has some elements of bands you’ve maybe heard in the past, but never have you heard these elements all come together in one song. Think if Screaming Females managed to get even heavier and louder like say a Death From Above or Colourmusic, and you’d be pretty close. If you’re not one for comparisons, check out this new track “k bye” and let us know what you think. I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

The band will be doing some touring in support of this single and previous new releases this summer. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Friday Fun from Seeing Hands

You know that dreamy guitar sound everyone’s using? Well, here’s more of it from Seeing Hands, though I think the production here differs a bit, allowing for the song to sound somewhat in a shambles while still delivering a tight dreaminess. I love that it doesn’t feel as sparkling clean as the guitar might lead one to believe, carefully stretching out tones and backing vocals throughout. It’s the band’s latest single in what’s becoming a fairly routine hit-making machine, so here I sit awaiting another gem just around the corner.

Sweeping Rock from A Festival A Parade

I’m a huge fan of indie rock that takes on broad brush strokes, rises and falls, yet still maintains pop sensibility. This new track from A Festival, A Parade does just that, building a huge ground swell of noise to meet just in time with the lyrics rolling out. I love how the song is able to settle calmly before the band chimes back in with their squall of guitars and crashing percussion. The rolling drum work in the middle of the track is a nice touch too, only increasing the tension that holds this track together. No word on a full length, but this song will do for now.

Noisy Fun from Eat Fast

eatfastI always thought that Wavves had a pretty simple formula, but in that, it was also extremely fun, which is why they were so endearing. So, Eat Fast takes that formula, adds a little bit more noise, strips away some of the immediate hooks and forces you to invest a bit more in their latest tune. For you, that makes it a win, as you’ll hear similarities from one of your favorites, but you’ll get it louder and heavier, guaranteeing that this isn’t just some rehash effort. This stand alone single should leave you thirsting for more.

Reverb Laden Pop From High Tide 15:47

unnamed-4Prior to right now I knew not one thing about Newcastle based High Tide 15:47, but I’m looking to remedy my lack of knowledge starting immediately. The band caught my ear this morning with this catchy new track “And The Bubble Burst”. It’s full of reverb laden guitars and swirling hooks ready for your enjoyment on this fine Monday. If you’re digging it, the song is available on iTunes and Spotify now. Stay tuned for more on this promising band.