Single Premiere: Residuels

unnamed (3)My old friend Mike, formerly of Night Panther, pointed me towardsthis new project of his the other day. Going by the name Residuels, the group play their very own version of garage inspired, guitar heavy rock and roll music. Today I’m pleased to share with you their rockin’ new single entitled “Ordinary”. I’m immediately having this image of a snarling lead singer with a backing band who are keeping the energy levels turned to 11. Impressive debut guys.

This song is part of a 7″ single release on vinyl which can be purchased from Born Losers Records here right now. Official ship date is Friday, May 13th.

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Hidden Gem Records Release Colorwheel Compilation

FrontJpgSmallThis Colorwheel Compilation popped up in my mailbox earlier this week, so I’ve been spinning it for the last few days.  First, Hidden Gem Records is a little label in Philly, not unlike our own ATH label, just trying to put out tunes they love.  Second, the compilation was always going to win me over, compiling bands we’ve already filled these pages with such as Tape Waves, Night Panther, the Death of Pop.  You can stream several of the tracks that appear on the compilation below, and for those fans of great pop music, you’ll want to go HERE to grab yourself a copy.  It comes on a rad swirled colored vinyl.

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White Birds + Night Panthers = Forever Evers

artworks-000059713214-yhesrz-t500x500We’ve actually written about both of these bands a ton, and honestly, I didn’t see such a collaboration coming our way.  That being said, I’m actually really pleased with the end result from Forever Evers; it’s a dreamy electro pop number that you’ll want to play for the rest of the day. There’s this stuttering electronic loop that remains central to the track, with the heavier beat really driving home the sensation. And the vocals are just what I’d expect from something that James Harvey is part of, which means it’s great.  We’ll keep you posted on a possible release.

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Even More New Music From Night Panther

nightpantherI’ve been following Night Panther for the last year or so, rather enjoyed their sets during SXSW, and have kept in touch with the band ever since.  So as I promised to keep you folks tuned in to news from the band, I’m happy to let you know that the band have finally released their stunning debut self-titled LP recently and it can be purchased on iTunes right now.  In celebration of the new release, the band are releasing a brand new single from the album entitled “Delta” via 7″ vinyl (pre-order here).  We of course have that new tune streaming for you below and I think you’ll rather enjoy it.  I doubt that I’ve heard such a catchy synth pop laden tune in quite some time.  Can’t stop listening.

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ATH & SXSW: 3 to Watch Pt. 5


I would love to say that I’m ready for next week, but in reality, my brain and body can never be fully ready for what’s about to take place.  To help myself, and you faithful readers, ease a little of the stress coming our way, we’ve got another artist preview coming your way.  As always, we’ll tell you a bit about the bands and also post shows we see listed.  Follow the jump for more.

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ATH + SXSW: Father Daughter, Small Plates, & Gold Robot Showcase @ The Grackle (3/15)


You know it’s SXSW time right?  Well it is fools and ATH has gotten together with some fine folks all over the country to sponsor some incredible showcases here in Austin next week.  Today we’ll start off with a show we are helping sponsor with incredible national indie labels Father Daughter, Gold Robot, and Small Plates.  Here are some deets for what is sure to be the best day party you’ll ever hear about:

Date: Friday, March 15th

Time: Doors @ 11:30/music @ 12:15

Lineup (in order): Gems, Mutual Benefit, Body Parts, Night Panther, Monster Rally, Day Joy, Roman Ruins, Conveyor, Francisco the Man, and Levek

Location: The Grackle @ 1700 E 6th Street (MAP)

Free and open to the public for 21+ RSVP Here

Musical preview:


Download: Night Panther – Fever [MP3]


Download: GEMS – All I Ever [MP3]

Synth Heavy Pop From Night Panther


It’s rare that a band gets as much coverage on this site as has our favorite Pennsylvania synth heavy groove pop band Night Panther.  A quick search on the site and you’re sure to pull up a slew of hits featuring the band’s noteworthy tunes.  Since we’ve said just about all we can at this point, I’ll let the music do the talking this time with this sweet groove “Lioness”.  The band still hasn’t given us an official release date for their upcoming debut LP, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Also, Night Panther will be joining the masses during SXSW so you should be sure to check them out if you’re in town.


Download: Night Panther – Lioness [MP3]

Even More New Jams From Night Panther

It’s been a big year on ATH for Doylestown, PA groove rock group Night Panther.  We’ve posted jammin’ tracks “Snudge” along with fellow groove friendly tune “Fever”.  Well today the band is breaking in the new year with their first new tune of 2013 with yet another incredible track called “Fire”.  This one starts a little slow at the beginning with a nice little vocal heavy intro that eventually builds into a head nodding and foot stomping dancey jam.  It has a real nice groove to it don’t ya think?  The band is still hard at work on their debut full length LP so stay tuned for a release date.


Download: Night Panther – Fire [MP3]

More New Jams from Night Panther

I’ve already written about Night Panther in the last month, but I’m excited to bring you yet another new track from the group that surfaced earlier today. It’s definitely a track with a different twist on the duo’s dance-ready swagger.  While there’s a hook that grabs you throughout the soon, it’s not nearly as in your face as their earlier single, “Snudge.” I like the way the vocals sort of take off, floating into the background as the pitch reaches extreme heights.  No word as of yet as to when these dudes plan to release a full-length, but I’ll keep you posted on that as we get more details.  For now, sit back and dig the vibe here.


Download:Night Panther – Fever [MP3]

Hip Jam from Night Panther

I generally try not to take too much stuff from other sites, preferring to do the research work on my own, but I couldn’t resist when I heard this song over at IGIF. The group’s name is Night Panther.  There’s not too much info on the group, other than the fact that they’re from Pennsylvania, but what’s more important is this hit.  Only one song is floating along, and it’s enough for me to fawn over the band like some teenage cool kid.  There’s an effortless bounce, an essence of cool and just a central hook that I can’t get out of my head. Enjoy this one folks.


Download: Night Panther – Snudge [MP3]