Another Jam from Nihilist Cheerleader

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Nihilist Cheerleader as of late, particularly the first few singles from their new album, Riot, Right?. This round you’re likely to adore the band even more than before, especially if you’ve spent anytime listening to the likes of Screaming Females or even Speedy Ortiz; I think I find them wading in the waters where the two meet. Guitar chords are sharp and jagged, and the vocal performance is a full-force emphatic punch to anyone willing to listen. Still, while strikingly brash, the group maintain a circle around pop sensibility, flirting with it, though never wholly diving into that pond. This is your new favorite band, I promise. Look for their new LP from Perfect Attendance Records on March 30th.

Pleased to Meet You: Nihilist Cheerleader

We’ve got some good friends hanging out in the musical haven of Athens, Georgia, and they’ve recently turned me on to one of the city’s promising new young acts, Nihilist Cheerleader. On this song’s angular opening, you’re ready for a barrage of post-punk, but the band already do things differently, instead turning towards a rambunctious rock n’ roll vibe that’s polished by the blend of melody. Flynne Collins bares some vocal resemblance to Marissa from Screaming Females, giving you that feeling that she could unleash on you at any minute, though here she’s fairly restrained. The group’s new album Riot, Right? is slated for a release later this Spring via Perfect Attendance Records, setting the band up huge success in 2018.