ATH 8/14 – Finishing Summer

SummerIt was a busy summer, especially August. I hit both coasts, traveling to Boston and San Francisco. There were some great shows, plenty of jams and we post so much stuff that every once in a while we need to take a look back. I figured since everyone will be taking advantage of a last day before the world really settles into the fall groove, I would combine a few of my faves posted recently into a playlist for you.

Fire up that app, plug in and space out. Dance hits, psych, punky jammy goodness, it’s all here and it was all posted in August.

Thanks for reading, we love you. Have a good day.

Because America, That’s Why.

It is the Fourth of July. You might have the day off. You might be day-drinking. You might be readying meats and substitute meat-products for the grill. You might want to listen to some jams. Well, How about I remind you of some recent doings here.

If you want to get some vinyl for the turntable, take a gander at the 2013 Albums of the Year… So Far list. All of us with a hand in picking jams and reviewing records chimed in to create the best list ever. And I mean that. Ever.

Next up, we have the No Bummer Summer 2013 playlist. It works great on your mobile device via the Soundcloud apps (Apple, Android, WP). It has the jams, it has the bleeps, it has the locals, it has the internationals, it has the hits – it has it all, really.

Finally, if you want to just get silly and dance a little and then chill and then dance some more, the IT Dept. Summer Playlist is a digitally affected set of tracks to use for your enjoyment. No repeats on the IT and No Bummer playlist means about three hours of nothing but awesome.

I set up both embedded after the break. I know, I am really nice. So, Happy Independence Day, I hope you and Will Smith have fun taking out the aliens.

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A Saturday Night In Austin

Saturday was busy. A couple of smaller shows were happening with ATH favorites playing at Holy Mountain and The Mohawk‘s inside stage. Matt Pond PAbrought along Matrimony in the former and Superhumanoids played the latter. It was nice of them to ask locals Tiger Waves and Orthy to join in, respectively.

I wore comfortable shoes (fashion faux pas flip-flops actually), grabbed the little camera, brought along the wife, alerted the friends and proceeded to mosey between venues on the Red River corridor. Join me for a little photo journey, won’t you?

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No Bummer Summer Playlist 2013

We’re officially in summer mode here at ATH, and though we realize not everyone has the summer months off like we teachers (sorry, photo guy), we also think everyone could use some summer music for your weekend getaways.  For that reason, we’ve thrown together a “No Bummer Summer” playlist to help you make it through these long, hot summer days.  Enjoy it as you sit by the pool, do some day drinking, or take the boat out on Travis.  

Follow the jump and press play to get random with ATH.

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