Even More New Music From Tape Deck Mountain

Press_Photo.7We’ve been sharing a lot of new tuneage from noise pop makers Tape Deck Mountain recently.  Something about the change in tempos in the songs when you get slowed down only to be brought back up with some crazy electric guitars has us fully supporting the music.  Today we share yet another new track called “Half Life”, which can be streamed and/or downloaded below.  Of course it’s another noisy track that entrances you with swirling electric guitars and tons of feedback throughout.  I can dig that.

New EP Sway Sway will be coming stateside on October 1st via Nineteen98.


Download: Tape Deck Mountain – Half Life [MP3]


More Noisy Dream Pop from Ethereal and the Queer Show

Not more than a month ago I brought you one of the lead singles from Cosmotopia, the newest record from Ethereal and the Queer Show.  Now that the album is out, they’re tossing out more incredible hits for you to dive into.  This new one is filled with an instrumental noise for almost a pure minute, but then there’s this driving beat and an electronic cloud coating the lyrics, creating one of the group’s strongest songs.  I can’t get enough of this group, as they’re taking aim at doing things in a completely different manner than most. Enjoy this one.


Download:Ehtereal and the Queer Show – Cosmotopia [MP3]

More New Music from The New Tigers

I’ve already spent a lot of time over the last month raving about The New Tigers, so when our friends over at Soliti Music sent us two brand new songs, I got a little bit giddy.  These two tracks are left over, apparently, from the recording session that created the band’s recent self-titled record.  Much like the album, there’s a whole lot of noise living right in your face, but lurking behind it all is the soft pop sensibility that makes the band so dynamic.  These are the kind of songs you just want to listen to over and over and over again.  Here’s “Toffee,” the first of the two tracks.


Download: The New Tigers – Toffee [MP3]

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