Devendra Banhart Shares Memorial

I honestly don’t know what it is about Devendra Banhart, but something about his songwriting always just feels like I’m at home. Maybe it’s the slight quiver just beneath his voice, or maybe its the sincerity that shines through his lyrics. On his newest single, it seems like Devendra is definitely getting personal, having penned a song in memory of three lost friends. It’s such a gentle number, with these beautiful arrangements behind Devendra’s voice and guitar; they add this textural depth that is often overlooked in his writing. His new album Ma is being released by Nonesuch on September 13th. It’ll be followed by a bunch of tour dates for the Fall, including a stop in Austin for Levitation.

Here’s Some More New Magnetic Fields

Not really sure how many folks will be working today, so why not run something we’re all going to love…at least I think we should. It’s a new video from Magnetic Fields, offering another glimpse at what’s to come with 50 Song Memoir. While we’re all pretty used to Stephin’s ukulele, he opts for a song entirely built on synthesizers. His voice is spoken word for the most part, except when he offers that deepened croon during the song’s chorus. I love the fact that Merritt always stretches his songwriting when he takes on these elaborate musical plans. The album is being released by Nonesuch on March 10th…and I’m oh so ready.