Veps Announce Debut LP with Mooney Tunes

There’s a definite need of good vibes and energy this morning on my end, so I’m just pumping up this new track from Norway’s Veps. There’s this clever hipness you get from Helena’s vocal style; she sounds like she’s a soul singer trading in her voice to at the crossroads to join a rock n’ roll band. The bass line gives the song its central groove, and the rest of the band follows suit behind the vocals, driving you quickly down a hook-laden twist and turn, ending with a blast of joy you can’t escape. It seems like the quartet is having a whole lot of fun, and in the end, that’s infectious; the band release their debut Oslo Park via Kanine Records on November 18th.

I Was a King Release Lo Pressure

Some bands don’t age well, but for my money, I Was a King seem to be aging like the finest of wines; I feel like everything from the forthcoming Follow Me Home has been nothing short of endearing, with every note hitting just the right chord. This brand new single doesn’t waste any time, hitting things right away with this vocal that seems hurried to maximize the melodic nature. Once things settle in, it’s a steady trip around handclaps and the perfect strum, with the vocal urgency always intact. I feel like this song could be the one I play again and again for the duration of this year. Follow Me Home is out on October 7th, and it looks like we’ll all have to get the physical copy on Discogs…as both versions are sold out! Hear why below!

Indie Rock Stunner From Bo Milli

As we sort of wrap up our week and ease into the dreaded last weekend of summer, let me suggest you take this new song from Norwegian artist Bo Milli with you. The song, “How it Is”, is a straight up indie pop stunner. Though many of us have already moved on from our summer time playlists, this track could easily be in contention for one of the tops of the season. I love the quiet reservation of pop melding perfectly with the slightly distorted guitar arrangements. Stay tuned for more from Bo Milli later this fall.

I Was a King Share Here at Last

One of the bands I’ve always quietly cherished and pushed on these pages is Norway’s I Was a King; they just dropped a brand new track with mention of a new record on the horizon. This song still has a familiar guitar sound, which comes as no surprise, though I’ll admit it’s a little bit more tilted towards the psychedelic/paisley tendencies (not that I mind one bit!). Time and time again, the warmth of the vocals just feel like they’re hugging me closely, holding me to let me know everything in the world’s going to be alright; the band feels like they’ve encountered the restlessness of the world and chosen to instead choose tranquility…and most excellent pop melodies. Their new LP Follow Me Home is expected in the Fall.

Louise Weseth Shares Woodlands

It’s a chilly day down here in Texas, and with that, this Louise Weseth song feels perfectly fitting. The Norwegian songwriter is about to release her debut EP, and this particular tune, to me, feels a bit like trudging through the snows of the nearest “Woodlands.” Her work benefits from the production and arrangements, with various elements rising to the front of the mix, then falling away to let different moments shine. At times the light strum of her guitar rises, then fades away to join her voice in the distance as strings sweep through the tune, twinkling on the horizon. It’s the perfect place where wintry longing and dreamy folk meld together, so we’ll be looking forward to her debut next week!

Flight Mode Share Sixteen

I don’t give a shit what wave of emo we’re in right now; there’s a brand that totally fits into my mind as the purest form (though admittedly it’s probably like 2nd wave). Still, Flight Mode seem like they’re revisiting their own stories to create something nostalgic and new. Listening through this new single, it reminds me of the sort of breakdowns mid-track you’d get from a Bob Nanna-led band like Braid; it packs the same punch too! Still, the vocals from Sjur are a bit softer, which gives a little bit of brevity from the edged rush of guitars. You’ll find this track on the group’s new TX 98′ EP, which drops June 25th via Sound as Language.

Remington Super 60 Drop Talk Nouvelle Noveau

Norway pop outfit Remington Super 60 have been churning out some incredible pop nuggets the last few years, and today they add to that by dropping their Nouvelle Noveau EP. The opening track “Talk With You” should immediately turn you onto the band’s timelessness; Elisabeth’s voice could have come from one of your favorite 60s girl groups or been the intoxicating soundtrack to one of your recent indie flicks. I love the feathery nature of her notes, but it perhaps wouldn’t seem so sublime if Christoffer Schou didn’t add these delicate little touches to give the song’s lift, like the distant guitars in “I Won’t Change My Mind” and “Still Near.” Overall, the whole of the release feels like sitting down with a bowl of hot soup on a freezing day…nothing ever felt so right. Stream it below.

Remington Super 60 Share I Won’t Change My Mind

Remington Super 60 will be releasing a new album in February of next year, and while it deals with the breakup of core members of the group, this song shows they’re still able to work together to build something incredible. Christopher’s production here is sublime; it almost is so strong that it feels like its completely hidden behind Elisabeth’s voice. That doesn’t mean its not a valuable bit, just means that he knows his role at times is to build the pop scaffolding so that she can climb to the pop pinnacle. And does she ever; there’s such warmth, such timelessness; I hope it plays on forever. Look for the new EP next year courtesy of Cafe Superstar Recordings.

Remington Super 60 Shares Still Near

I really needed something soothing this morning to kind of temporarily let the pain of the world subside, or at least get outside my own head for a moment. Luckily, Remington Super 60 had a delightful new single to share with me (and you!) off their forthcoming EP, and its that sort of dreamy indiepop that makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in some oversized weighted blanket, calming every bit of your soul. It’s that subtle brand of pop with quieted rhythms working beneath a melodic softness, seeping into your skin carefully…you could use that right now, I’m sure. We’ll keep you up to date with more details…but as of now…this new EP is slated for the fall.

Intimate Number From Simen Mitlid

On a fairly gloomy Friday morning, this new song called “Birds” from Oslo based artist Simen Mitlid seems to be the perfect song for me today. Though it may come across as a strictly somber tune, it also features some brightness with atmospheric harmonies and clean guitars. Really this is a beautifully crafted song akin to something along the lines of older A.A. Bondy or Iron & Wine. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

This track will be the title track on an album of the same name coming out in the fall of 2020.

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