Chilled Pop Tune from Kongle

I always try to keep up with what’s hip over in Scandinavia, as witnessed by my undying love for Finland’s Soliti Records. Today, however, I’m turning my head over to Norway and the band Kongle. They came with a reference to Dungen, which I suppose I can hear, though it feels like there’s a heavier lean towards expansive pop maneuvers; it’s less prog/psych, so it’s all about melodies. That, of course, doesn’t mean the musicianship isn’t spot on, with the recording coming off like a super-tight live band. Their new LP, Skogen, will be released on April 5th.

Nice Rocker from Sauropod

  1. I don’t know too much about Oslo-based Sauropod, but I feel like I need some sort of noisy rocker to kick start Monday. It’s a guitar-pop masterpiece pulling on fuzzy guitar lines and a catch chorus that sounds a lot like Nirvana’s “Sliver.” I can’t help myself, however, I just want to turn it up and sing along like some freed juvenile. Plus, the grunge rockers are giving a message within the confines of this number, offering their proposed retribution for men who assault women. Hooks and a message? Happy Monday. Look for their self-titled EP to drop on August 24th via Propeller.

Brand New Tune from I Was a King

If anything, I’m a pretty loyal listener, but being a fan of I Was a King has always been easy. They craft this beautiful mixture of heavy-ish indie rock and power-pop, and their sound seems ever evolving. This track relies more on the indie rock side of things, filled by crashing cymbals and distorted guitars grumbling in the distance. But, the smooth melody of the vocals cuts right through the noise, balancing the track in the most perfect manner. They even include some extra flourishes, such as the faint echo of children’s voices (at least that’s what it sounds like to me) near the 2 minute mark. This is a band that no longer needs to experiment or dabble in genres…they’re building their own sound, and I couldn’t be happier. The new single drops digitally on Friday with an album to follow later this year.

New Music from Great News

Norway has a special place in my heart, musically…seems I can always trace some bit of my pop affections back to the country. Today, it’s responsible for Great News, offering up this glittering bit of pop rock, harkening back the shimmering pop of the 80s. While the spirit’s uplifting, there are still some gruff bits of distorted guitars pushing through the polished exterior. The band will be releasing their new record Wonderfault on February 16th, and the tune below should be enough evidence that it remains on your radar!

Upbeat Pop from Wind Mile

Wind Mile reached out to me the other day with a brief story of their move from France to Norway; they also offered up this new ditty they’ve crafted together. You’ll find the tune rather infectious, with bouncing rhythms similar to what we heard from The Drums on their first run through the media circus. That being said, Marie has a penchant for dreamy vocal stylings. It’s a song filled with lots of promise, and a hook that makes it something you’ll return to throughout the next few days.

Hear the New Single from I Was a King

Just a few weeks ago I dropped the B-Side to the latest single from I Was a King, and now we’re here to tell you to check out the A-Side. While the band’s penchant for power-pop definitely shines through, particularly with Frode’s vocal delivery…there are hints at a slightly heavier vibe. Their beautifully distorted chords seem just a step lower, deeper, bringing in almost a brooding feel to the melodic sound; it sort of matches the opening moments of the “Run.” No one does it better in my opinion than this band, so I’m looking forward to their completed LP, which is said to drop next year!

Raucous New Single From Sauropod

I love when you hit play on a song and it kicks off, without any hesitation, into a fit of rock n roll. That’s exactly what I have for you today in the form of this new track “Never on Time” via Oslo based Sauropod. Having recently signed to rising Scandinavian label Propeller Recordings, the band don’t mess about with their new single as the pace and ferocity of the guitars never seem to let up. And hey, we love rockin’ 3 pieces around these parts.

“Never on Time” can be purchased via your favorite streaming service today.

Groovy Number from Great News

Word from across the pond in Norway is that Great News are one of the most anticipated acts to have come out of the country, and with their debut album on the horizon we thought we’d give you a little taste of why folks are so excited. They employ a nice wash of synths and drums, akin to some of the later Phoenix works, though what’s more impressive is their use of harmonies…particularly when the vocals burst through in the chorus. Look for their debut to drop in early October via Eget Selskap.

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New Music from Frokedal

Oslo’s Frokedal deserves your attention today. She’s just released a brand new double single, and it’s a pretty stunning two-song punch. The guitar work seems to intricate and personal, almost as if the strings are barely tickled to produce this enveloping sound. On “LTF,” I love the slight pitch raises in her voice, accompanied by some perfect accompanying bits that really make the song swell your senses. “Cracks” seems to have a more wistful bent, with a male counterpart aiding in the vocal performance. These songs seem huge, built for large audiences…though their sentiment seems quite personal. Join me in becoming a fan of Frokedal.

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How About One More From Slotface?

The weekend seems like a perfect time to enjoy another new song from Norway’s finest Slotface. We’ve already heard a couple of raucous songs from the new album, and this new track “Pitted” delivers yet again. I continue to dig the band’s throwback pop/punk vibe similar to Cruiserweight or even the recently reunited Rainer Maria. This is going to be one hell of a fun album.

Slotface will drop new album Try Not to Freak Out on September 16th via Propeller Recordings (pre-order).

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