Pleased to Meet You: Grrl Gang

Yesterday I compiled a huge list of traditional indiepop, my own Best of 2018 for the genre. In there, I exclaimed how I was really digging into Indonesian indiepop scene, but apparently I hadn’t dug deep enough because a friend pointed me towards Grrl Gang. In circling back, it seems that there’s a huge gap in my coverage that needs to be filled; this band is so so good. The opening tune, “Love Song” on the band’s Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EP is jumping, fueled by a steady beat and delicious vocal harmonies. For me, the winner of the five tracks is the forlorn feel of “Night Terrors;” lightly twinkling guitars, subdued vocals made me an immediate convert. The band are currently giving these songs away, so do them a favor and throw them a dollar or two so they can write more; do that HERE.