More New Paul Bergmann Jams

Paul Bergmann will release Nothing at All today, and it belongs in your record collection…if you’re listening to my opinion. In celebration of the release, he’s offered up these two great new tracks from the LP, and those of you into songwriters will want to take a listen to his gifts. I’m just going to toss these two tunes up, and hope you’re listening…and loving. Happy Friday to you.

Powerful Ballad from Paul Bergmann

I’m a huge fan of Paul Bergmann‘s work, and am excited he’s back so quickly with another collection of songs that heads our way in May. He just released this great song and accompanying video,which features a personal portrayal of Paul’s soaring voice and personality. I love how he’s playfully swinging himself about as the track’s accompanying strings play through the background. Somehow I feel like there are never enough artists crafting this sort of eloquent pop, but oh how I wish they were. Look for his new album, Nothing at All, on May 5th.