Chill Vibes From Sandy

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and for some reason I am finding myself in a bit of chill, relaxed mood. Helping my lunch time, laid back feelings is this new song called “Not There” from NYC based Sandy. It’s a synth heavy song falling into the electronic pop or bedroom electronica genre, but with a much more interesting beat than others in the genre. I also love the hushed vocals from Samantha Pathe as they intertwine beautifully with the catchy beats.

Lookout for the debut release from Sandy, entitled Trances, due out on October 25th via Geographic North.

Bedroom Pop from Rebounder

There’s something in the simplicity of what Rebounder is doing that has made me gravitate towards his latest single. The track is predominantly simple beats and the voice of Dylan Chenfeld, but I find something about his vocal delivery that drags me in like a tractor beam. It’s a very matter of fact delivery, maybe like something you’d hear in the early 00s, where the lyrical content was more important than hitting that exact note. It’s a chilled out track that recently got the video treatment, so sit back and just enjoy a nice little pop ditty as we draw near the weekend.

Surf Rock Is Dead Impress With New Single

Sometimes when you hear a song, you must instantly share it with others. Such is the case with this new beauty of a number called “As If” from NYC based duo Surf Rock is Dead. It certainly has a POBPAH sound to it with the super bright guitars and overall happy vibe to it. Seriously the song just immediately puts you in a better mood right? Check it out below.

Surf Rock is Dead will release new EP We Have No Friends? on September 22nd via The Native Sound.

Show Preview: Rips @ Cheer Up Charlies (7/12)

Date Wednesday, July 12th
Location Cheer up Charlies
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets FREE!

If you’re looking to beat the heat with a great INSIDE show on a Wednesday night, head over to Cheer up Charlies for a set by our NYC friends in Rips. Joining our amigos on stage are some solid local bands Vertical Vice and Nike. Should be a great way for you to discover a couple of respected Austin bands along with an up and coming out of towner. And…. it’s free!


Digging This New BIRDS Tune

When one is struggling to find some new tunes to share on this here site, it’s always a good idea to return to simple rock n roll. Today I treat you to some great rock from Brooklyn based BIRDS with their new single “Get Away”. Once you hit play, be ready for 2.5 minutes of a fast paced, guitar driven, straight up rock song. It will be worth your time to listen to this one.

BIRDS will release Everything All at Once on August 18th via Greenway Records.

Simple Pop Sounds From Acrlyics

unnamed-5Myself and many other die hard music fans are often guilty ofover thinking things and trying to use new adjectives to describe music were listening to. Today I vow, though maybe just temporarily, to put an end to my wordy ways as I present this new single called “One in Seven” from NYC based duo Acrylics. It’s simple pop music folks and it’s incredibly easy to get into. Check it out below.

Acrylics will release their new LP DADA minor this Friday on Papercup music.

Promising New Track From Nail Polish

unnamed (8)Many of you are likely unfamiliar with NYC based band Nail Polish since they currently only have one EP release under their belt. I’m starting to think that will be changing here soon after you check out this promising new track “Stay Gone”. The new single brings to mind similar groups like Wavves or even some of the punkier elements from a band like So So Glos. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Nail Polish in the future. Those of you interest in a free download of the song can head over to the Illuminasty Records site for a pay what you want type deal.

Sweet New Single From SKATERS

DSC00746I’m sure some of you out there have already heard this badass new SKATERS tune, but I’m going for it anyway because it’s just too good to not have on our site. The song itself, entitled “Head On To Nowhere”, is a straight up rocker similar in style to a band like Waves with a little more edge to the sound. To be perfectly honest, if you aren’t feeling this one with me, something must be wrong with your musical taste.

SKATERS officially split from the major label and will be taking the DIY route for their next release. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it.

New Single From Mainland

11999014_927828163958582_2108589009077429236_nIt’s been quite some time since I’ve heard anything from NYC based group Mainland so I’ve been excited today to hear new music from the guys.  The new single is called “Not As Cool” and is a welcome reminder to why we originally enjoyed the band a few years ago.  This is a pop rock number at its core similar to a band like Wavves with a hint of a band like our amigos Young Girls.  It’s legit.

Interesting Pop Tune From The Dig

I10615486_10152352010061222_760884989755851137_n‘ve followed NYC outfit The Dig for several years now and have always appreciated the band’s ability to ever evolve their sounds and styles.  Today I’m pleased to share with you even further evolution from the group with this impressive new pop track called “Fourth of July”.  Pardon the irony of the timing in the song title, hit play and imagine this as a great addition to your party playlist for the weekend.  It’s a little bit of psych rock mixed in with some really intriguing pieces of quirky pop music.  Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming full length release.

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