Digging Oakland Health Academy A Great Deal

dreamA short while ago, I wrote about Oakland Health Academy due to their 7″ on Emotional Response, but since going back, I’ve really been enjoying the band’s Dream Palace album…released in September. The album itself offers a lot of differentiation; “About a Friend” sounds like a long lost Guided by Voices tune, then there’s the bedroom ballad of “She’s a Ghost” to charm your heart. Feels like there’s something for everyone in here, so I figured I’d share it with you to encourage some good mid-day listening times. Happy day to you. It’s also available for the NYOP, but you better donate! 

New Tunes on Emotional Response Records

erThe great thing about the vinyl boom is it seems like everyone’s out there making music, and even more people are out there to release it for them. Still, with some many boutique labels, you’ve got to really search for the right place to release music, or even to buy it. One of those labels that I’ve gravitated towards is Emotional Response Records. They’ve just announced two brand new Split 7″s, and I love them both equally, though for separate reasons. I’m absolutely stuck on Oakland Health Academy (members of Boyracer, American Culture) and their track; it’s featured below and I’d love for someone to deny the power in that song…the feedback on the guitars comes in all the right places. They split the 7″ with Heavy Pet. But, another release is the Enemy Anemone/Cougar Vox Split 7″. That EA track is just this joyous blast of pop music, completed in an endearing ramshackle fashion. Bounce = fun. Stream the songs below, and grab the vinyl from Emotional Response.