Fresh Music from Obnox

Lamont Thomas is a musical shapeshifter, and through it all, his work as Obnox has been supremely captivating. Whether he’s throwing out rhymes, spoken word or rocking a jam, there’s a realness to his work that’s not often present in modern music; there’s no posturing, no pandering, just a man who knows only music. His latest single has him effortlessly working atop one of the catchiest loops he’s crafted, which should definitely perk up your ears. But, knowing his work, the entirety of his new release Niggative Approach is bound to be full of surprises…hopefully enough that he gets the respect his music deserve; look for the new LP on May 21st from 12XU.

Show Spotlight: X_X and Obnox @ Barracuda (TONIGHT!)

xxxIf you call yourself a fan of punk rock, modern or old school, you either end up at this show over at Barracuda or you’re a fraud. For starters, the night kicks off with local rockers Marriage and Coma in Algiers…no slouch in their own right. But, you get a touch of history with X_X, a band fronted by John D Morton (the electric eels). This guy’s been making real rock n’ roll for so long, it’s hard to ignore. And, the drummer for X_X is one of my favorite rockers Lamont Thomas, who will also be bringing along his band Obnox. You think Ty Segall is prolific? You haven’t heard Lamont.

Tickets are only 10 bucks and the Doors are at 9 PM. Come get your rock on!

New Tune from Obnox

Obnox_BoogalouReedI’ll admit, I was a little late to the Obnox discovery; I got turned on via the band’s Louder Space LP (12XU).  But, that being said, and accepting my faults, I’ve come to appreciate the work of Lamont Thomas as one of the more gratifying discoveries, for me, in the last few years.  He creates this wall of noise that probably gets dumped in the trash pile of garage rock, but there’s a much more classic sound of straight ahead rock music here, with vocal touches that grab listeners, pulling them into a world of noisy enjoyment. Look for the new album, Boogalou Reed, on January 27th via 12XU.