Indiepop Joy from The Keep Left Signs

11393329_10153538320074014_8047800131827082902_oWe still don’t know too much about the Keep Left Signs, but I won’t deny that every note we’ve heard from them has us rather excited, or at least me. I got pointed in the direction of new songs just yesterday, and it appears these guys are near readying an album or an EP. They tossed up a few new tracks, and man, can I have these already? One of the tracks I have is a slower indiepop jam, while the other has a little bit more pacing behind it. Regardless, I’m dying to know more about these guys…as well as a future release. I’ll give you more as I get more.

ATH Abroad: Secret Solstice Festival

solsticebannerAfter an 18-hour ocean crossing trip, followed by a brief power-nap, I finally found myself at the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as I was very unfamiliar with most of the artists on the lineup and I don’t speak a lick of Icelandic.  Of course what we worry about most never happens and I ended up being treated to a great festival experience that could rival most anything we can offer here stateside.  Click read more for words and fancy photos.

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