SXSW Interview: Lightning Bug

Going through all the bands coming into town for SXSW, Lightning Bug made my list immediately. Last year’s October Song was both noisy and pretty; it reminded me of Radio Dept in a lot of ways, but maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, I’m really excited to see what they’ll have to offer in the live setting. Take a minute to get to know a little about the band below!

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Lightning Bug Share the Roundness of Days

Sometimes I feel like the quietest songs might be the hardest to write, at least that’s what came to mind when I heard the new Lightning Bug tune. It seems so fragile, like you’re watching it burst and bloom from inside some glass orb, careful not to drop it so as to preserve its beauty. Of course, textural playfulness around the 2 minute mark also adds this layer of familiarity with the listener, as if Audrey Kang has established this unbreakable connection with her listeners upon them pressing play. Whether it was hard, or whether it was easy, share in the musical experience Kang has crafted with us, and share in October Song, out September 6th (not October?!) via Marbled Arm.

Lightning Bug Drop Vision Scraps

When I think of bands that defined the sound of shoegaze, I almost always think of sheer noise and discomfort taking precedence over vocals…but that hasn’t been necessarily true as the genre’s grown. That said, I think of all the bands, Lightning Bug seem to have the perfect balance between vocals and noise. They open their latest single with these huge fuzzy riffs that crash upon the listeners ears, backed by a steady rhythm section driving the song forward. When the vocals come in, they have this clear pop sensibility that contrasts what’s going on behind; you can still hear the guitar screeching like a cat from just behind the voice. There’s a few minutes where it’s all stripped back to offer thoughtful respite, but mostly this song is all about perfect that balance between the two. You can find this tune on October Song, the new LP dropping September 6th via Marbled Arm Records.