Voxtrot @ Mohawk (11/7)


Date 11/7/09
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $11 from Frontgate

Fun Fest aftershows are pretty slim pickins this year, but Saturday night at Mohawk has a nice little lineup of big name local talent.  Your outdoor stage will feature Voxtrot and Octopus Project while indoor talent includes Coathangers, Twin Tigers, Walter Schiriefels, and Jazzus Lizard (Jesus Lizard jazz tribute band).  Should be a good time if you’re still standing after day one of Fun Fest.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/01-Berlin-Without-Return…-1.mp3]

Download: Voxtrot – Berlin, Without Return [MP3]

Explosions In The Sky @ Stubbs (7/4)

explosionsLooking for a way to celebrate your 4th of July in style?  Why not make it out to Stubbs for a more than fitting night of music with Explosions in the Sky, Octopus Project, and Wooden Birds!  As far as shows for the night go, this really is the best bet.  Sure you may want to fire up that grill and drink a cold one, but Stubbs has all of these things and more!  Unfortunately tickets are sold out for this one so maybe you can sneak your way in… Doors at 7pm.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/explosions_welcomeghosts.mp3]

Download: Explosions – Welcome, Ghosts [MP3]

FT5: New Austin Music Icons

0403top5cover1As we are well into the year 2009, it’s time we take a good look at what makes the Austin music scene work so well.  We’d like to say that it’s us, but we know that a whole lot more goes into the scene than the many writers and fans in the city limits.  Instead, we turn your eyes to those Icons, those heralded heroes of our town; the ones that make it all run so smoothly.  Be it a musician or producer, these are our favorite Austin Icons.  We also excluded those who made Austin music famous, and then left the town for not-so-better waters. Yea, I am looking at you Britt Daniel! Why did you leave us? Just for that, you aren’t an Austin Icon; these next five characters are!   Not only that, but these aren’t your grandparents Austin Icons.  This isn’t Stevie Ray playing guitar, nor is this the Janis playing at Threadgills; these are your new Icons, paving the way for the new artists and the new scene!  Follow the jump for our top 5 new Austin music icons.

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Octopus Project Visual Music @ Drafhouse (2/25)

octoproj_drafthouseposterAlamo Draft House is teaming up with local giants Octopus Project on Wednesday night for what looks like a once in lifetime type event!  The idea behind the visual music event is simple: short films play on the big screen and Octopus Project play their own personal scores for the films.  You can catch this unique “show” at 7:00pm or again at 9pm on Wednesday night.  Tickets are on sale now for $15 from the Draft House website.  Thank you Alamo for doing the things that make us love this town.

The River Flows East Party (2/21)

Main2The nice folks at do512 are teaming up with local label Vinyl Entertainment to put on one hell of a party this Saturday on the east side.  The nights events include but are not limited to performances by What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Story Of, DJ Thibault, DJ Markus With A K, and a special DJ set by Octopus Project.  You can also check out some sweet local art, visit a hair station, and visit a photo booth by Annie Ray.  Tickets for this event are $18 and can be bought now from Vinyl Entertainment or at the door.  Word around town is that an RSVP with do512 is good for free booze and VIP treatment.  Directions to the Warehouse can be found here.  Further details can be found on the fancy poster for the party.

Great Nostalgic @ Beauty Bar (12/20)

A promising new Austin band, The Great Nostalgic, are gettin’ down at The Beauty Bar on Saturday evening and it might just be worth your time.  Being so new to the Austin scene, you might not know that the band’s debut LP, currently in the works, was recorded by Erik Wofford(Black Angels/Octopus Project) and features guest vocals by Pink Nasty.  They’ll be playing Saturday evening in support of DJ Go Go Garcia.  The Beauty Bar website says things will get going around 9pm and go on till 2am so make a night of it!


Download: The Great Nostalgic – County Line [MP3]

The ACL Top Ten

We decided to take a different route in reviewing the events of ACL and we thought a Top 10 List would be the way to go.  This isn’t just a list of our favorite bands, rather a list of the best things, moments, memories or any other tasty randomness we could come up with that went down over the weekend.  We obviously would love to hear what else we maybe missed from our list.  This isn’t just our opinion, it’s what we heard from you good peoples that attended this year’s ACL.  List is after the jump.
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